Why Tiger’s Press Conference Was a Bust

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I just watched the Tiger Woods conference and it was horrible. He did not sound sincere. He looked and sounded like a 5th grader reading a book report for a book he obviously did not read. He sounded robotic. He kept stumbling through his words as if it was only the second or third time he read the speech.
Some other thoughts:
1. Speech was too long. (He should have read my post yesterday).
2. He quickly ran through the line about spending the last 45 days in therapy. It does not sound like he is convinced he even needs therapy.
3. Defense of his wife was slightly overboard.
4. The mention of him practicing Buddhism seemed contrived. Now he is religious?
5. He said he does not know when he will return to golf. Bad move.
6. The fake snort/whimper at the end of the speech as if he was crying. Did you notice he hugged his mom and then started smiling? After pontificating on the ways he has let everyone down he smiles at his audience?
Not impressed. I think his PR team needs to go back to the conference room. Tell them to call me. 

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