When Celebrity Publicists Sell Out Their Clients and Putting Out Grease Fires

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Many of you have asked me about why celebrity stories, such as the relationship between Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt never seem to die. Why are they still on the cover of every week’s magazine when they divorced five years ago? Easy… It sells magazines. Publishers and editors know putting them on the cover of a magazine is sure to sell copies. They often recycle story lines and old pictures in an attempt to maintain their sales week to week. Think about it. You are standing at the magazine stand at the airport and see one magazine with Amy Adams on the cover and another featuring Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt and details of their latest “meeting.” Which magazine are you more likely to grab? They know you will buy the latter. The other part, and rarely ever discussed is how celebrity publicists will sell out their top tier clients to get print for their lesser-known clients. Celebrity publicist A has a number of actors on their client list. While it is hardly work to maintain press opportunities for their A-list movie star client, it may be difficult to create opportunities for an ingénue. In order to ensure they get media placements they will provide magazines with details about their A-list client in exchange for press for the ingénue. Whether or not the information they feed to the magazine is true is hard to say, but it is an attempt on the celebrity publicists’ side to maintain press for all their clients.

I do it every week. I watch Real Housewives of Orange County every week after I tell myself I need to go cold turkey. The show is full of grown women desperate to look 25 and spend money they do not seem to have. always has a great write-up the day after:–marriage-californian-style?skyline=true&s;=I

This is the part that made me laugh out loud: After she finally got let out after being locked in the library overnight (she’d been looking for berries), Lynn decided it was time to throw a housewarming party for her new modern-style rental house. It was very important that everything be perfect. So she threw a blanket over the two raging grease fires that are her daughters, told her husband to wear his best loose-fitting white linen shirt, and hired an enormous catering staff to make a fancy gourmet dinner for her guests.

I have so much to say about this show that I think I will reserve it for another post.

It is pouring rain here in Southern California. I am thinking about everyone back east in the snow. Makes me wish I were on vacation in Hawaii sipping a pina colada, don’t you think?

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