What Celeb Lies About Age, Bachelor Spoiler, and Good Reads

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Celebrity Gossip Blind Item:

Blind Gossip Column from 1/6 – Pretty Easy
Party crashers aren’t the only ones creating stress at the White House. A certain celebrity was scheduled to attend a function at the White House, but ran into a snafu when a standard security check was performed on her. It turns out that the age on her driver’s license didn’t match up to the background check. She gave them a big song and a dance about how the mix up occurred, but eventually had to admit her real age in order to gain admission for future events. We don’t know which made her actor husband more upset: the fact that she was singled out for a mild interrogation, or that fact that his wife has lied to him all along about her age. While she is unquestionably beautiful, she is quite a few years older than he thought she was.

Let me know your guesses. 

Bachelor Spoiler:
Are you watching the Bachelor? I know who “wins”. If you want to know, check out this site:

Good reads:

The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage by Ted Olsen:

Vanity Fair articles on Madoff scandal:

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