Valentine’s Day Advice for Men

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Dear Gentlemen,

Technically you should have been putting in the effort all year long. Pulling out your bag of tricks on the 14th day of the second month of the year is weak sauce. But if romance is not really your thing, then you better come up with something borderline incredible. You’ve had 364 days to come up with something, so buying a bag of stale chocolates and a DVD from the discount bin at the Rite Aid doesn’t exactly blow us away.

And if we are going to dinner I can’t eat pasta or Mexican food. I won’t want to be naked and I will be terrified I will pass gas just as things start to get heated.

And if you are going to get us a gift make sure that it is not edible.






























…..Despite what they told you at the creepy store on the side of the highway.

Just try to remember at least one conversation we’ve had with you over the last year concerning jewelry, a bag, or a certain store we love to use a gift certificate.


Happy Valentine’s Day,

The Woman in Your Life

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