Did You Think Your College Friends Would Be Good Parents?

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Joey Fatone says his friend and former ‘NSYNC bandmate Justin Timberlake will be a natural when he has a child of his own. “I think he’s going to be a great dad,” Fatone, 37, told PEOPLE at the Disney on Ice presents Let’s Celebrate! event in Los Angeles on Thursday. “Fatone says he got to see JT’s parenting skills in action as the singer and actor looked after his younger stepbrother, Steven, and “took him under his wing.”  

You never really have any idea what kind of parent you will be until you get home from the hospital with your baby. I thought I would be the kind of parent that enjoyed taking their kids to see animated movies. Not so much. I also thought I would be reasonable when my kids act up. Turns out I can go from normal to Mommy Dearest in under two minutes. You want to talk back to Mommy? Fine. See how much you like your room after I put all your toys and books in the hallway.

Joey and Justin were touring with N’Sync at the same age I was in college. Could I really base my assessment on my friend’s potential parenting abilities on what they were like at that age?


“She will be a great mom. She would hold back my hair when I would barf.”

“She will be fantastic. She was so good about keeping her dorm room clean.”

“He will be a wonderful dad. He was the only fraternity brother who didn’t mentally torture me.”

“He should have no problem becoming a father. He was so relaxed all those times his girlfriend thought she might be pregnant.”

It’s hard to say.


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