Thank You Notes From Me and The Royal Family

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Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Christmas thank you cards were leaked. The formal card includes a short message and photo from Prince George’s christening. Not exactly the kind of card I send out.

My friend Meghan and I like to amuse each other by writing thank you notes on behalf of our kids.

Cricket and Charlie,

Thanks so much for the new outfit. When my mom opened the package she said something about it being “cute as hell.” Think it will help me pick up chicks at the park? There is this one girl I saw last week at the swings. I’d give her my digits but my old lady still hasn’t got me a cell phone. Gotta go. My diapers full.



Cricket and Charlie,

We are flipping out here over the fort kit your mom sent us. Great idea! We like to set it up in the living room, which drives my mom crazy. When we tell her we are camping she says, “Why would you pretend to be homeless?” It’s fun because we get to hide from her, which is really helpful when she’s hormonal (which is EVERY DAY) and when she notices we’ve spilled crackers all over the couch. By the way, who buys an off-white couch with 3 kids under 4? Hope to see you soon. I need a vacation. I am exhausted with that baby crying in the other room every night. 

Love your faces.

Mia (and Jack and Hayes)

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