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Infamous White House party crasher and former Real Housewives of Washington DC husband Tareq Salahi explains what it was like to be on reality TV.

Tareq explains what transpired at the White House the last night of taping the show, his subsequent divorce from his ex-wife Michaela, and his new life with his wife Lisa. He gives great insight into the length of filming the show, his persona on the show, and what happened to his family winery.


Film professor and writer Nell Kalter discusses Happily Ever After: The Twins, a new show on Freeform about Emily and Haley Ferguson from The Bachelor franchise.

People.com reporter and Real Housewives recapper Dave Quinn helps Kate review the most talked about episode of Survivor to date, which featured a contestant being outed for being transgender.


Kate also discusses one of the greatest reality television show hits Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire, a Fox network reality show in which a multi-millionaire named Rick Rockwell married the contest winner, Darva Conger, on television. In 2002, TV Guide ranked it number 25 on its TV Guide‘s 50 Worst TV Shows of All Time list. (I loved it).

Tareq Salahi, Real Housewives of DC, White House Crasher

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  1. Trixi

    April 25, 2017 at 9:05 pm

    I thought the Salahi’s ex-wife’s name was Michelle? What about his lies? What about the fake watch he handed over to the Judge? What about how he affected the bankruptcy of the winery and how his poor mother had to be ousted. How about the house they pretended to live in for the show; where they ‘broke’ in and set up as if they lived there? No one was invited to The White House. He is still throwing these people under the bus. His name was not on the list…plain and simple. NO INVITE. I know how it works. It is not like that…he is lying. He thinks we are all idiots.

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