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Southern Charm Reunion: Part One Recap

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On the Southern Charm season 3 reunion the gang rehashed the tumultuous season including the evolution of new Craig, whether Shep will ever find love, if Kathryn is unstable, and if Landon slept with Thomas.

Highlights from the Southern Charm Reunion: Part One


  1. Thomas’ parents surprisingly believe the show is a greater embarrassment to the family than the moment he was sentenced to 10 months in federal prison for drug charges.
  2. Shep does not believe in scales, especially when assessing how hot someone must be to sleep with him.
  3. Despite loathing each other Landon wore Native American inspired earrings and Kathryn wore a complimentary necklace.
  4. Shep and Kathryn enjoy books on tape.
  5. Cameran’s husband enjoys the show and may or may not ever become a father.
  6. Craig can’t drink liquor, doesn’t trust his ladies around Shep, and has yet to take the bar exam.
  7. Shep enjoys traveling, literature, and getting high off mushrooms.
  8. The employees at a jail in San Francisco are big fans of the show.
  9. Thomas and Landon spent a lover’s weekend in London, a trip Kathryn had planned with him during the week they believed they had a future. It is still up for debate if they slept together, even though Thomas admits they slept in separate rooms, but with the adjoining door open.
  10. Kathryn may or may not have spent more than one night with Whitney, but she did enjoy a yogurt and granola breakfast while trying to work his mother’s coffee machine one morning as he played songs with his Chanel guitar.
  11. The baby likely conceived during last year’s reunion is Thomas’ biological child. Three tests were taken. The suggestion for one by JD was disappointing to Kathryn, especially since she had named him a godfather.
  12. During the trip to Jekyll Island last year Kathryn brought a container filled with pills to treat depression, which Patricia thought were tic tacs.
  13. Andy may have had pink eye.

Next Week:

Kathryn explains why she may have failed a drug test.

Southern Charm, Part One, Season 3

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