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Southern Charm Recap: HomeGoods

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This week on Southern Charm Craig graduated from law school, Cameran shopped at HomeGoods, and everyone made up with Kathryn.


Craig was notified he had completed the written requirements to formally graduate from law school. It was an enormous relief to not only him, but to his parents in Delaware, but most of all to Naomie. Later that night he would deliver the good news to Naomie as she guzzled a glass of Bud Light. “Are you sure?” she asked. “Was this possible? Was the email from a Nigerian Prince?” Craig began to sulk. “I don’t know if this is better news for you or for me,” said Naomie. She was uncertain what this meant for Craig. How would graduation impact his plans for an embroidery empire?


Cameran and Chelsea appeared in a HomeGoods advertisement featuring them as sassy 30-somethings looking for accessories for a spare bedroom. “Can you make it look like a nursery?” Cameran’s husband asked. If the Indian priestess was correct she would be filling it with swaddle blankets and sensitive wipes in no time.

Cameran: “Whitney got a letter from Kathryn, but we’re not sure what to make of it.”

Chelsea: “She just came in to get a haircut at my salon. Pick this throw blanket.”

Cameran: “I just don’t want to get involved. What do you think of this table lamp?”

Chelsea: “I guess you just have to see what happens. These satin throw pillows will look wonderful on that chaise lounge.”

Cameran: “Thanks for your help. HomeGoods really has great prices and so many options.”

Chelsea: “I agree, and it is open seven days a week.”


Landon gave new consideration to possibly falling in love with Thomas. They had so much in common, like enjoying money, turquoise, and polo. They met for dinner and Thomas was so nervous he spilled his glass of overpriced wine all over the table. “You are nervous because she is your soulmate,” said a woman paid to sit in the background. “You two are soulmates, and you must pursue this love hard. I say this to as a woman who has been married 33 years, has watched every episode of this show, and as someone hoping to get their SAG card.”  Thomas thanked her and then motioned to her that he would slip a $100 bill in her purse once she used the restroom.

Landon didn’t necessarily want someone 20 years older with two children born of wedlock and with someone who wanted to push her down a flight of stairs. Then again she knew she wouldn’t have a future with Drew.

“I know that I want to be married and with children soon,” Landon told Drew the next night over a fried platter. “Ugh, yeah, I’m not ready for that yet,” he replied. He was more concerned with booze cruises than a wailing baby. She thanked him for all the times he walked her dog and began to cry. Between not having a romantic partner and the fact she couldn’t legally use the name Roam for her website she had hit an emotional wall.


Craig and Austen went golfing, an opportune time for Austen to explain that Chelsea wasn’t necessarily available for a relationship. Although they had magnetic chemistry she lacked the ability to commit. On the other side of town she explained to Shep while trimming his hair that no one was necessarily chasing her. “Let’s go out for drinks,” he asked, but she reminded him she actually had a job she couldn’t just leave.


Thomas’ nanny Deirdre, sweet Deirdre, was tasked with planning Saint’s first birthday party. She had not expected to work so many hours when she took the job, but had taken great care of the adorable Ravenal children like her own. She would also have to stand by as Thomas fumbled trying to get the attention of his elderly father. “Can you come to Saint’s birthday party?” he asked. He had a dental appointment he couldn’t miss.


The one person he did invite after much thought and several drafts on expensive stationary was Kathryn. “Maybe she deserves a second chance?” asked Whitney. Thomas’ letter was given to Elizabeth to hand off to Kathryn. She read it to herself in a bakeshop while Elizabeth nibbled at a birthday cake in her son’s honor.  Elizabeth had a small amount of faith they could come together; it was what made Elizabeth an angel winged dove. She believed in what to others seemed impossible.

At a water front restaurant two towns away the others (sans Thomas) met with Kathryn to discuss her new life. It was the first time Cameran had seen her in a year. As the California Dreaming sign swayed the wind Kathryn and the others acknowledged the previous meltdowns were now just water under the Ravenal Bridge. She would move forward one step at a time and perhaps the birthday party was the next step.


The Birthday party was a disaster.

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