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This week on The Bachelor the remaining nine contestants visited St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands.   VIRGIN ISLANDS Best Moments From The Bachelor This Week Taylor cock blocked Corinne’s middle-of-the-alley dinner date. “She’s garbage,” she basically said. Nick thanked her for her input. “I hear what you are saying, but she’s willing to take

This week on The Bachelor Nick took the remaining contestants to Wisconsin to see all of the spots he’s made out with other women. WISCONSIN BEST MOMENTS FROM THIS WEEK’S THE BACHELOR The remaining contestants voiced their concern Nick was keeping Corinne as a contestant because she was sexually aggressive. She was also likely suffering

This week on The Bachelor Nick hosted a wedding dress themed photography session, Corinne threw herself at Nick, and Liz has a hard time keeping their tryst private.  GOODBYE LIZ 15 Most Important Moments From The Bachelor This Week Although the women had spent a collective 12 minutes with Nick they were all certain they

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Kate Casey is a pop culture humor writer. Kate writes celebrity gossip analysis and reality television recaps, parenting, and pregnancy posts. She is the author of You Know You Are Pregnant When… Funny Quotes From Women Who Have Been There. She is also a contributing writer for, Motherly, Scary Mommy and Hot Moms Club. Kate is a featured comic for US Weekly Fashion Police. She is a regular guest on Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop podcast and frequent contributor on FABlife on ABC. She and her husband and four kids live in Southern California.

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