Shep Rose From Relationshep Podcast Interview

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Episode 78 of Reality Life with Kate Casey podcast features an interviews with Shep Rose from RelationShep, Ann Madden, and Les Kurkendaal. 


Shep Rose from Southern Charm talks about his spin-off show RelationShep. Kate tries to understand why he is still single, if the show is meant to be like The Bachelor, and then tries to convince him to date her friend Catherine from college.


Kate discusses the infamous Amy’s Baking Company episode of Kitchen Nightmares with her friend Ann Madden with whom she used to wait tables at a Mexican restaurant in Washington D.C.


Actor, Comedian, and Podcast Host Les Kurkendaal discusses the season premiere of Vanderpump Rules.

Shep Rose, Relationshep, Reality Life with Kate Casey Interview, Ann Madden

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