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Shay – 13 Observations From Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 3

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During the final installment of the Vanderpump Rules reunion Lisa explained why she at first refused to officiate Katie and Schwartz’s wedding, James lashed out at Kristen, Ariana explained why she would never marry Tom Sandoval, and Shay made an emotional appearance to confront Scheana. 


  1. During the New Orleans bachelor/bachelorette party Schwartz was blacked out 90 percent of the time, and Sandoval cried 90 percent of the time.
  2. It was Schwartz’s decision to dress in drag at his bachelor party because as he explained it he is a curious person. In related news it was Sandoval’s decision to call Schwartz a battered wife in the weeks before his wedding to a woman.
  3. Brittany wishes Jax would apologize to her the way he so freely did on camera with his ex-girlfriend.
  4. There is still no answer as to whether Schwartz boned another girl in Las Vegas.
  5. Schwartz should have had DJ James Kennedy play songs off his iPod at the wedding.
  6. Scheana doesn’t have Shay’s new phone number. No word on how the wedding album and the leather couch with drink inserts was divided.
  7. Shay loves a stud earring and lives with his parents.
  8. “I gave you everything,” said Scheana, which included the contents of the bank account. She knew three months into their marriage that it was in the shitter. (It took him another year to notice).
  9. Shay has a legit business; a management company that represent seven people who have never been named.
  10. Scheana checked her hair and makeup in a compact while Shay admitted to sexting another women early into their marriage.
  11. Shay didn’t know Scheana was dating someone else, but follows her boyfriend on Instagram.
  12. Schwartz didn’t want to be involved in Lisa and Tom’s new bar venture, thereby forfeiting an opportunity for a spin-off.
  13. Peter the manager was on hand with high calorie martinis and Lisa’s bedazzled dogs.

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