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Shahs of Sunset Recap: Miracle Baby

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During the season premiere of Shahs of Sunset Asa revealed her miracle pregnancy, GG tried to find Zen, Mike hosted a house party, and MJ and Reza asked themselves whether they were also ready to start a family. 


13 Observations From Shahs of Sunset Premiere 

  1. MJ and her boyfriend live in a condo in the middle of a renovation, which also happens to be below her mother Vida, whom she has explained over several seasons has ruined her life. What better way to force yourself into a therapists’ office than subjecting yourself to emotional triggers on a daily basis by living next door to your tormentor? Her boyfriend looks like a carpet salesman. I can’t remember his name.
  2. MJ and her boyfriend will probably be featured on an upcoming episode of hoarders.
  3. Mike and Jessica are cordial, even though they spend thousands of dollars on a wedding and she converted to become part of his family. Reza, a real estate agent, decorated his house with loud colored couches and abstract artwork, which will likely be an issue when he tries to resell the property.
  4. Asa is pregnant with a miracle baby, a fact she kept hidden for five months because she only wears large kaftans and eats an enormous amount food. The father of her child, Jermaine Jackson’s namesake, is thrilled and so are her parents. She intends on only giving her baby organic, raw, and vegan food. Editorial note: Obviously she’s never experienced the third trimester of pregnancy.
  5. Golnesa began taking meditation and yoga classes to diffuse her constant yearning to punch someone in their face or set a house on fire.
  6. Reza’s husband Adam wants a baby. Reza wants more fancy watches and loafers.
  7. Sherwin is dating Annalise, the Australian woman with zero personality he shared a hellacious date with last season. The relationship works because he never sees her.
  8. Reza and MJ enjoyed quality time together by lightening the color of the skin around their anus.
  9. MJ wears the worst jumpsuits.
  10. Mike held a housewarming party with plenty of Persian food and a woman dressed like a table lamp giving lap dances.
  11. MJ hates the fact Asa is so intensely private about her relationship with Jermaine. Why does she reveal her whole life (and undergarments) and Asa gets to keep her relationship under wraps?
  12. No one has ever seen Jermaine’s face.
  13. Asa told everyone she was pregnant, which set MJ into a fit of tears because it highlighted the fact her life has basically not changed in 6 years.


No one believes Asa is telling the truth.

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