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Shahs of Sunset Recap: Anniversary Party

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This week on Shahs of Sunset Reza and Adam threw an anniversary party, Sherwin revealed he is committed to Annalise, and GG apologized to Reza. 

13 Observations From Shahs of Sunset, Episode 2

  1. Golnesa had not seen Asa in some time, she had taken some time to review and reflect with the help of yoga, meditation, and pamphlets she was handed one day on Melrose. She was happy to see her old friend, even commenting on her lithe frame. Before Asa shared with Golnesa her pregnancy news her old friend casually pushed her off an inflatable unicorn, which left her plunging into the cold water of her backyard pool. Whoopsie. She was five months pregnant.
  2. Three years ago a deep rift developed between Mike and MJ because he had the audacity to tell her not to eat a croissant.
  3. Mike and MJ were horrified by Asa’s decision to have a baby out of wedlock since it is so outside their cultural norm. “You’ve been together seven years, what’s the hold up?” MJ wondered. Asa was unwilling to provide details on why her relationship never seemed to move forward. “It’s my relationship and my choice,” she answered, which the others thought odd of someone so normally free with her feelings. Was there something else going on? Did Jermaine Jackson not want to live together? Was he opposed to matrimony? Also, is he also in the family business of music production? Did he think it was weird he had a sibling named Jermajesty?
  4. According to Reza he is descended from a long line of hoes, but broke the chain by remaining in a marriage for 365 days. To celebrate this momentous commitment he rented a party Sprinter and invited everyone to a petting zoo. While touring the facility a monkey urinated on everyone.
  5. Everyone was surprised to hear Shervin is a committed relationship with a girl he only sees a few times a year. “Has she met you?” Reza asked him. “Does she know you are physically unable to stay committed to anyone?”
  6. “Who is going to have the next baby?” asked Asa. Every other sentence related to babies for Asa. “I can’t eat Caesar dressing because of the raw eggs,” she told the waiter. “I plan to eat my placenta,” she told the others at dinner. The only thing she did not want to talk about was the baby daddy.
  7. Over a lunch meeting it was revealed months ago Golnesa ripped up Adam’s neck with her talons during a moment of rage. He told people he was mauled by a dog. She admitted she made up a lie about video footage of Reza, for which Adam asked for an apology. “My bad,” she explained.
  8. MJ’s apartment has no running water and is covered in cups with old alcohol mixers, which worries Reza. Why must she live like she’s just lived through an earthquake?
  9. While visiting MJ’s father Reza has an emotional breakdown. He later explained to Mike and Asa that MJ is in denial about her father’s decline in health. The experience made him reconsider his friendship with Golnesa. Perhaps he should make amends?
  10. At the party everyone enjoyed libations, Persian food, and women dressed like butterflies dancing in circles.
  11. Tara from Newlyweds: First Year befriended Golnesa and has been her rock the last few months. It is unknown how long the friendship will last after the final episode of this season airs.
  12. Golnesa introduced her boyfriend Shalom of two weeks, a man she met in the lobby of her apartment building.
  13. Reza sat with Golnesa to explain his experience in MJ’s father’s hospital room, which pushed her to offer him a doll she found in Belize. She offered it to him as a peace offering. She was sorry for the story about the videotape and for ripping up his husband’s neck with her claws.

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