Big Brother and Dance Moms Secrets

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Tony Gonzales is a television director and producer. By the age of 25 he was directing the hit CBS series “Big Brother.” Tony has directed CBS’s “Undercover Boss” (Season 3), Lifetime’s breakout docu-series “Dance Moms,” the spin-off, “Dance Moms: Miami,” as well as live events such as the international break dancing competition, “Red Bull BC One.”

Tony gives inside secrets about Big Brother and Dance Moms and some of his favorite reality television shows of all time.


Tierney Bricker is an entertainment reporter for E! Online news covering reality television shows including Real Housewives and Dancing With The Stars. In this interview she helps Kate dissect the season premiere of Southern Charm on Bravo and discusses her experience interviewing the cast in Charleston, South Carolina.

Kate also discusses the reason TLC’s A Wedding Story made her get married too young and how A Baby Story was the reason she became a baby hoarder.

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