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90 Day Fiancé Recap: Second Thoughts

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This week on the season finale of 90 Day Fiancé, Andrei confronted Elizabeth’s sister, Nicole returned from Morocco, and Molly had second thoughts about Luis. 


Highlights From 90 Day Fiancé Finale:


Molly may have had two children out of wedlock, and picked up a fiancé from a vacation bar; but her house was filled with love from God. She wept as she her brother comforted her and Luis used the icemaker. She couldn’t understand how 87 days into his stay it finally became clear the responsibility of raising someone else’s children was too big for him to bear.


Nicole had one of the worst romantic vacations reported in history, but still looked forward to marrying Azan. As her mother and stepfather stood with their stomachs touching they explained to producers that they were relieved they didn’t have to live out Not Without My Daughter starring Sally Field (1991). Her family worried she was forcing her daughter to call a man half way across the world daddy, she didn’t know his age, and she intended on supporting them with a minimum wage job. Her younger brother was the only voice of reason.


David’s friend thought Evelyn was using mind control over him. “Are you sure you want to be married to a cult leader?” asked Ricardo. “I am happy, that’s what matters,” replied David while blinking save me in Morse code. The New Hampshire tuxedo consultant silently wondered what countries the groomsman were from, and if any of them were willing to marry her and get her out of that shit town.


Annie was still reeling from news David cheated on his first wife with a prostitute despite reason to believe he met Annie the same way. Her hair was greasy and her mustache was visible in the Kentucky sun. “You are fine if you want to go back to Thailand,” he scolded her, “you are young while I am worn, overweight, and unemployed.” He offered to call her parents who would likely receive his message four weeks later since their village had no phone lines, let alone running water. “I can’t make you love me,” said David, quoting one of his favorite country stars. (Her photo adorned his screensaver). Despite their abysmal joint bank account and mutual lack of respect and trust they pressed forward with their wedding plans.


Andrei met with Elizabeth’s older sister to make sure she understood he was going to control her for the rest of her life. Her sister signed off because she didn’t feel like having a conversation with someone who carries logs for workouts and eats metal. She did, however, assure him she would be at the wedding.


Molly and Luis had an emotional meeting in a hallway closet. She decided it was best for him to go back to his job at the hotel resort.


Josh’s mother Sue was apprehensive about his plans to get married a third time. Have you heard from your kids from your first marriage, she asked? “Nope,” he replied. Despite this Aika wanted a fetus in her womb. This was despite her foreign status, her aging eggs, and the fact his plumbing was cut off. “Thank God I found the one,” said Josh as his eyes crossed. They all clanged wine glasses.


Despite David’s disinterest in his romantic choices his best friend and ball and chain Chris assured his financial support. Chris believed his children, whom hated him, would support his wedding plans if the ceremony and reception had a buffet. “I am proud of you,” said Chris, but everyone watching this show wondered why.


On the day of their wedding David wore a borrowed tux and Evelyn wore a costume from the set of Anne of Green Gables. His friends tried their best to sabotage the wedding by running late, misplacing keys, and generally having a horrendous attitude.


Aika had her hair styled by someone with three wisps of permed hair. She was loaned a dress from a neighbor who had just celebrated her quinceanera. “Make this work,” Josh’s mother whispered in his ear before the ceremony. They were married in a Las Vegas chapel. Josh’s friend Joe had low hopes for it lasting.


Annie tried on several wedding dresses outside of her price range in the most depressing episode of Say Yes to the Dress. Annie paid with a credit card from another country that never went through. “Sorry sweetie,” said the salesclerks. Chris’ wife paid the bill. She was worried David would never be free of financial problems, but it wasn’t enough for her to cancel the wedding.


Molly admitted she married Luis in July to the astonishment of the camera crew who had been following her for the last 90 days.

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  1. Maria Werner

    June 22, 2018 at 4:02 pm

    The credit card David had given Annie to pay for the dress was Chinese…
    I had several similar ones when I lived in Beijing – they only work in China.

    Loved your paragraph on Andrei – he really does look like he carries logs and eats metal 🙂 🙂

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