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RHOBH Season 8 Reunion Part 3

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Part three of the Season 8 Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion included the following noteworthy moments.





  1. Lisa Vanderpump was so enraged with Dorit’s unhappiness with her luxury magazine’s hair and makeup team she used only her headless photos in an issue. She was also caught in a lie concerning the timeline for the decision making process. She said she’d come to the conclusion Dorit was a sub-part accessory model the previous evening, though archival footage proved otherwise.
  2. Lisa Vanderpump has asked that her first grandchild be named Teddi regardless of the child’s sex and if it is born from Pandora’s womb or whomever is getting it on with Max during ovulation.
  3. Lisa Rinna hates capri pants, thin lips, and hypocrisy.
  4. The women all enjoyed Berlin despite it being cold, the weather being gloomy, and being subjected to Erika’s small scale fashion shows.
  5. Kyle is allergic to horses. She hates taking medicine, but is fine getting surgical procedures and injections in her face.
  6. Though Kyle and LVP talk frequently to one another about the role of their grandmothers in their childhood neither can recall the names of their friend’s most special deceased relative. “I remember Big kathy was your mom!” screamed LVP.
  7. Although LVP considers Kyle a younger sister she finds her to be a narcissist. “I love you dearly, but let’s be honest, 90% of our conversations are about you,” said LVP. “You are always on the cusp of an emotional breakdown,” she added. “Maybe it’s because you are practically a mute,” responded Kyle. In other words, one is in emotional distress at all time and the other has a black heart and soul.
  8. Teddi and Erika came to some sort of conclusion in the last 15 minutes. As Teddi held back tears Erika whipped her Madonna pony tail back and forth as her face remained frozen. “You are not a fawn, baby doll,” said Erika, “stand up, girl.” Erika thought Teddi’s inability to cope with gentle criticism was really her own fault. “This says more about you than me.” As a montage of Erika explaining her uterus was bleeding played in the background her robot eyes remained forward. She had no desire to befriend a younger woman. She didn’t like staying at other people’s beach houses. She didn’t think an accountability coach made sense. Her shoulder pads were destroying her posture and her spirit. She ran through choreography for her next international festival performance while anyone else spoke.
  9. Kyle has not spoken to her sister Kathy in six months and it is likely because: 1. Mauricio started his own real estate company. 2. She hates that Kyle made a TV show lonely based on their childhood. 3. She hates that Kyle made a TV show loosely based on the real estate wars within her own family. 4. She doesn’t like Kyle’s new haircut.
  10. After Kyle shed tears about the absence of her sister in her life LVP pointed out she had dinner with Kathy the night before.
  11. Erika assured Teddi she can now hear her. Now if they ever see each other again they will understand where each stands. “I am glad we worked it out,” said Erika. She was pretty sure she was either leaving the show or Teddi was getting fired, so it didn’t matter anyway. “Yes, I think we’re good,” replied Teddi.

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  1. Nancy

    May 8, 2018 at 11:27 pm

    This reunion was a joke & snooze fest. Grown women fighting abt trivial bullsh_t! I guess that’s what rich white women do!

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