Sarah Ferguson Gets Busted and Blames it on the Orange Juice?

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Monday morning I scheduled a much-needed massage at Spa Gregorie in Newport Beach. Between working out and carrying a twenty-pound baby in a Baby Bjorn I am starting to feel like an 80-year-old lady. Long story short I was given the world’s worst massage and I am still suffering, but this time with upper back pain. I am talking to you, Francie!
Yesterday would have been a good day to lie on the couch and relax. Apparently I missed Oprah’s much-hyped interview with Sarah Ferguson. New York Daily News says a “tearful and apologetic” Fergie blamed a mountain of debt for her access-for-sale scandal and said she may declare bankruptcy. She said she took a $40,000 down payment from an undercover reporter because she wanted to help a friend in need. Then, she said, she asked for more than $700,000 to provide access to her ex-husband, Prince Andrew, because she has “substantial” debt.
Let’s recap. She sold access to her ex-husband (and the father of her daughters) who allows her to stay in a wing of his home years after their divorce was finalized because she wanted to help a “friend in need?” Was that friend’s name Farrah Berguson? We should all start using that excuse. She also says she is in substantial debt. Maybe you should get a job like the rest of the world. You know what other people do when they get it debt? They call a bank; work out a plan and WORK. You should try it.
The kicker for me is that when viewing the video of her meeting with the undercover reporter she said she had been drinking, but could not remember if it was orange juice or wine. Did anyone else know you could get tipsy and break laws when under the influence of Minute Maid? Her reaction to the footage was to talk about herself in the third person. “I feel sorry for her – bless her,” she said.
She is obviously slightly nut-bagish. Wouldn’t you say?
Ian Halperin reports on his website that a former employee of Ferguson’s has come forward and claimed that she has traded sex for cash while spending a week on a yacht several years ago with two Saudi oil tycoons. Allegedly, Ferguson received 300,000 pounds in cash in a suitcase. The former employee claims that Ferguson saw it as a “much needed wild time” that she also was able to get paid for. Here is the link:

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