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12 Real Housewives of New York Highlights: Running in Circles

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The following are highlights from this week’s episode of Real Housewives of New York.

Carole completed the New York City marathon, Luann offered relationship advice to Tinsley, and Sonja ran circles in conversations with Dorinda and Luann about the reason for the downfall of her friendship with Tinsley. 


  1. Unsurprisingly Ramona and Sonja saw nothing wrong with Luann’s Halloween costumes. Ramona referred to herself as the maven of The Hamptons.
  2. Ramona offered to throw Carole a soiree to celebrate her achievement in marathon completion, a stunning achievement given at age 54 she had never exercised despite her lithe frame. Ramona also saw this as an opportunity to work beside a party planner named Kirk with whom she effortlessly told she loved. “So this is about me or the guy you want to sleep with?” wondered Carole.
  3. While on an evening stroll Sonja clad in a matching sheath and sweater set explained to Dorinda that Tinsley was a woman who depended on gifts from rich men. It was the only explanation for the way she was suddenly able to afford a luxury penthouse and expensive gift cards after spending so many weeks imprisoned in her daughter’s teenage bedroom.
  4. Sonja spoke glowingly of her trip to Costa Rica for a brain vacation, which included yoga and a juice cleanse, but was probably code for a facelift and liposuction.
  5. Luann wore Kim Kardashian braids to dinner with Tinsley. She offered relationship advice despite her two divorces, one that culminated with a trip to jail and a rehabilitation facility. Tinsley and Scott were on a break, but they would likely get back together in time for her to appear in a series of Coupin Cabin commercials.
  6. As the latter carefully ate scallops off her fork without staining her newly whitened teeth Lulu pondered the veracity of Carole’s relationships with Adam. How could Carole compare three near blissful years with a younger man who happened to at one point date her niece to her whirlwind romance with Tom? “Her relationship has lasted much longer than your seven month marriage,” noted Tinsley. “Is Carole the judge of authentic?” asked Luann, which didn’t even make sense to the waiter refilling their water glasses.
  7. Dorinda noted Tinsley was wearing a brand new gold Rolex watch and two Cartier bracelets before warning her lunch mate that Sonja called her a kept woman.
  8. Sonja invited cameras to her Wednesday night cocktail and show tunes party, an event only gay men were allowed to attend. One of her guests was named Montgomery.
  9. Bethenny spoke of her burgeoning real estate portfolio while giving a tour of her new office space. She needed to employ more staff now that her business was changing. Two of her employees tried to escape out the fire exit, but were summoned back to review logo designs and spread sheets.
  10. Luann assured Sonja she had a place to stay that weekend in The Hamptons and she had no plans to change her name from The Countess. “It’s my brand!” she squealed. “Do Carole and Tinsley have three hit songs on iTunes or a line of pot holders at Home Goods?”
  11. Sonja came to the realization she should rent her townhouse, but had not considered all the work that it would require to make it livable for someone else. Did she understand the brown water would need to be fixed or that several stairs would need repair?
  12. Carole ran the New York City marathon despite her legs spazzing in the 25th mile. She was welcomed at the finish line by her former assistant Eric, Tinsley wearing a plastic parka, former MTV VJ and George Clooney ex Karen Duffy, and her teary eyed parents. She ran into her trainer’s arms like a contestant on The Bachelor.

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