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Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Peggy

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This week on Real Housewives of Orange County stress levels were raised when Meghan coped with being the mother of a baby and Lydia and Shannon had a shouting match, and Peggy makes her screen debut. 


Since Shannon’s life was out of whack she re-hired feng shui expert Elaine to reenergize her rental home. Elaine had been instrumental in harmonizing her last home with strategically placed pot plants, ceiling crystals, and mobile waterfalls. Despite Shannon’s previous success Elaine had not done the same for Vicki. Essentially she had spent weeks throwing out moldy citrus from silver bowls, a purchase Elaine suggested would lead to increased insurance sales. (“What a crock of shit,” said Vicki to the interior designer tasked with revamping Vicki’s new offices.) “I just need some help with my stress level,” Shannon told Elaine. “Why are you so stressed?” Elaine asked, as if she had not binge watched the previous season on Amazon Prime several days before. Elaine noted the Beadors have a toilet in the relationship corner of the home. No wonder their love life was in the shitter.


Meghan’s life with a two-month old baby was equally stressful. There were countless moments she would watch her husband burp their baby in one of their homes she would ask herself if things would ever get better. “I am feeling torn in my relationships with Kelly and the others,” said Meghan from the backseat of her car. “Can you understand why it sometimes is too much for me?” she asked Jim who had spent the duration of their conversation debating in his own head if he should take the carpool lane. “What are we eating for dinner?” he responded.


Lydia and Doug owned a lifestyle magazine devoted to celebrating what it’s like to be a gentleman in the world today. Each issue featured not only their editor’s photo, often of them standing beside each other but looking into opposite directions, but also of fancy locals who have money to burn. Diko, one of the noblemen highlighted in their premiere issue, was married to Peggy and the owner of a successful jazz up your hub cabs company. “My husband loves cars,” Peggy explained while the camera panned to several luxury cars in their basement. “We own all of them,” she boasted.

Moments before Diko and Peggy arrived Lydia’s husband warned his wife not to hug the nobleman’s wife, as he understood it she had just recovered from a mastectomy. However Lydia didn’t take his social cue and immediately asked about her brand new surgery. After being coerced into discussing her personal health crisis Peggy sat stone faced. Sensing her discomfort Lydia tilted her head sideways. “Wow, that’s a big story, Peggy.”

Days later Diko and Peggy invited their relatives over for a shrimp platter dinner. While no one ate from their plates Diko gifted Peggy with a diamond necklace (retail cost: $70,000, his wholesale price much less) and a diamond bracelet (retail: $60,000, his wholesale much less) in gratitude for her recovery. She reminded him that all good things come when showered in jewels. The other relatives stared in silence.


In celebration of her granddaughter’s second birthday Tamra helped Ryan and his girlfriend throw a party for her at a zoological garden. Sarah, Ava’s mother and Tamra’s doppelganger, quietly mentioned she had invited Brianna, whom Tamra had not seen since one of the reunions. She loved Brianna, but accepted that a friendship was unlikely if you detest her biological mother. Since Brianna was the patron Saint of Orange County she still arrived bringing gifts even though she was uncomfortable and sick.

Lydia brought along her husband, kids, and her mother who came bearing canisters of glitter. “Shall I shower you with fairy dust?” she would ask strangers. She told Shannon upon meeting that she could sense they shared similar energy, they were practically astrological sisters bound by a love for healing crystals. This news was unsettling for Lydia who had made a promise to producers that she would remind Tamra and Vicki throughout the party that she had just spent a lunch with their nemesis Vicki. “Have I told you enough times I just saw Vicki?” Do you think about Vicki? Has anyone seen Vicki? Should I call Vicki? I still believe you love each other, which is why you hurt each other so deeply, so why don’t you just call Vicki?”

Sweet, Jesus, thought Tamra. This woman’s head is going to explode if we don’t talk about Vicki, which is pretty much the last person Shannon wants to talk about right now. Vicki, as you remember from last week, is responsible for destroying Shannon’s metabolism amongst other things. “You are acting the same way almost [Vicki] acted,” said Lydia, which threw Shannon into a fit of rage. “How could you possibly compare me to a woman like that?” barked Shannon with her finger pointed straight into Lydia’s clavicle. “I got it,” said Lydia, “we won’t be friends.” “Your mother said she and I shared similar energy!” screamed Shannon as she power walked around the corner. “She also said you were a lost soul,” Lydia screamed into the wind. Editorial note: Lydia’s mom is a psychic healer?


  • Shannon’s oldest daughter left for the winter formal. As the limo took off from the driveway Shannon tried to jump in the back. “Is there any room in there for me?” she asked the frightened teenagers.
  • Kelly and Michael workout three times a week with a trainer who forces them to lift furniture.


The Quiet Woman is anything but.

Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Peggy

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  1. Lori Naz

    July 19, 2017 at 6:08 am

    If I were Shannon I would have sought out a new feng shui guru. Clearly this woman’s magic didn’t work in the last house or else Shannon’s marriage and friendships wouldn’t have been as hard hit as they were while she was living in that perfectly feng shui house with 9 lemons in a bowl!

  2. Donna

    September 18, 2017 at 9:25 pm

    On tonight’s Real Housewives of OC, Peggy’s sweet son was reading a book. The teacher in me wants to share that he was holding his novel way far away and might need his eyes checked. I am not sure if this is the appropriate place to post, but I hope this gets mentioned to Peggy just in case. BIG thanks!

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