Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion Part 2 Re-Cap

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Part 2 of the Houseladies of Orange County reunion begins….
We get the recap of Peggy’s moments on screen this season. It leads into questions of how she landed a spot on the show. Alexis, it seems, did just about everything to keep her off the show including telling her the Producers were not casting and only interested in brunettes.  So you can imagine her surprise when Pegs ended up landing a spot on the show. Let’s just say it was not an easy time for prayer. On top of things Alexis had to find out just before filming that Pegs dated Jimbo when they were in their twenties. They hung out in the same group of people, riding Harleys and such. Jimbo, it turns out, demanded Pegs not tell his wife of their intimate encounters 40 years ago. It would be too painful for her given her worship for him. So despite the two couple’s weekly bridge and devotional parties Jimbo carried on as if their torrid affair never happened. So not only did Pegs have first dubs on Jimbo, she also scored herself on the very show that Alexis believes to be her ticket to a guest spot on QVC. So she is not going down with a fight. She didn’t spend the last three years watching her two nannies raise her children or her makeup artist design and sew her stripper dress line to have it all slip through her fingers.
My fear for Alexis is that after tonight’s reunion airs that she will have to go home to her questionably bought home and face her questionably employed husband and ask him if there is anything else he has lied about. Because they are supposed to be devout Christians, so I am assuming lying is not part of the membership package. So how can they show up to their mega church on Sunday and face their “pastor” and admit they may not have the perfect marriage after all?
Then we move to the ongoing saga of the life and times of Daniel “Slade” Smiley. Slade, as we have been told, is a “consultant” for Fortune 500 brands. But in fact the only consulting he does is for Gretchen on her satchel and lip smack line destined for a Dollar Store in your town. So he has been unable to pay a reasonable amount of child support. How do we know for sure? Tamra put the mother of the terminally ill child he not only does not pay for or visits on speakerphone in the green room. Since Gretchen was so quick to point out his ability to curl her hair I am wondering if he should consider going back to beauty school. That way he can do his own manscaping, can do all of Gretchen’s up dos and provide some sort of support to the mother’s mounting bills. It’s a win-win situation.
As for Gretchen, she is still trying to get us all to believe this fairy tale love affair she had with her former fiancée despite all the court documents detailing her relationship with a different man at the time.
The last part of this mini-drama involved the anti-climatic return of Jeana Keough. Could she and Tamra hash out their feud? It seems unlikely especially with Jeana’s revelation that Tamra’s boyfriend Eddie is actually a “paralegal/receptionist” at the law firm he claims to “co-own”. Seems kind of unrealistic to think they can ever get back to the place they were in seasons past. You know, when they would verbally rip into each other’s manners, style, and parenting abilities. Especially since she and her squatter boyfriend continue to go on double dates with Simon and the woman he has apparently roped into being his girlfriend. These strictly-for-TV friendships can get complicated.
So another season ends. I can finally pack away my bedazzled platform flip-flops.

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