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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap

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Highlights From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Part 3 Reunion Recap

  1. In Beverly Hills it is customary to compliment and then prod a friend’s breasts.
  2. Harry Hamlin prefers a wild bush.
  3. Brandi sleeps with men young enough to pledge a fraternity or old enough to consider retirement options.
  4. Lisa Rinna is easily triggered when someone asks her to refrain from speaking, which leads to aggressing texting. Kim was on the receiving end the day after the season concluded, which led Lisa to believe she was immune from Bravo producers and Kim to sleep with a butcher’s knife beside her bed.
  5. When Kyle gets high she gets paranoid and fears she might choke and die.
  6. Kim is not struggling with her sobriety, but she did take a pill that was not hers that put her in the hospital for anywhere between 5 to 9 days.
  7. This past Halloween Kim’s dog mauled Kyle’s daughter’s hand, which led to an extended stay at Cedar Sinai hospital captured by Kyle on Instagram. Kim would have preferred she kept the matter private, especially if it led to a mid-day visit from Animal Control, but she believes Kyle enjoys the attention it brings and the extra Instagram followers.
  8. Kim’s dog is currently staying with a trainer still living at her house.
  9. Although she signed up to be on a reality show, Kim prefers that certain parts of her life, namely reasons she hates her sister remain private.
  10. The Palm Springs house stealing incident details will never revealed.
  11. Someone is getting married and Kyle is not invited.
  12. That all aside, Kyle’s had a blast this season. Brandi doesn’t want to break up a family. Lisa Vanderpump thinks they will all find a way to work it out. Kim, well she just doesn’t know.
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Part 3 Reunion Recap

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Part 3 Reunion Recap

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