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Regretted: Real Housewives of Orange County Reunion

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In the final installment of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion the women recounted their horrendous trip to Glamis, Meghan defended herself, Shannon was driven off the stage in an emotional breakdown, and they also discussed what they regretted during the season.


15 Best Moments From Part Three Reunion
1. Shannon has permanent lung damage because she’s had pneumonia 20 times, which was probably improperly treated with crystals, witch hazel, and garlic juice. She also can’t visit volcanoes.
2. Meghan didn’t respond to Heather’s urgent request to aid them after their ATV crashed. Meghan explained that she didn’t think it was that serious given Heather’s television voice and Vicki’s history of histrionics. She also thought it was weird Heather memorized her text conversations.
3. According to Briana Vicki would remove her neck brace once cameras shut down so she could run around her house doing laps while drinking wine.
4. Heather was bothered with Meghan’s on-air jabs about her personality and blog entry asking why she was willing to leave her son with nannies but not with the camera crew in the middle of a desert after a car accident.
5. It was not Kelly’s nose flicking, but the way she urged Tamra to keep walking in her Leprechaun gear that set everyone off. “It was a miscommunication,” Kelly explained. Meghan, like the rest of America thought it was stupid.
6. It seemed out of character for Heather to drink Fireball out of a communal Chanel brand flask given the way she likes to bathe and sip champagne.
7. Kelly thought she was getting set up to drink alcohol because Tamra noted before arriving for their entrees that they were all wearing black to her funeral. Shannon noted the only reason she encouraged everyone to drink, specifically tequila was because Kelly mentioned often that it is best to take shots of tequila when you can’t keep your eyeballs open.
8. Despite the tussle in the Irish department store, the constant bickering, and a van ride from hell, Shannon still considered it one of the best trips of her life.
9. Shannon tripped and fell on a repair our marriage trip to Hawaii.
10. Vicki wouldn’t mind it if Shannon never spoke to her again.
11. Tamra asked Vicki to shut up and called her an old lady.
12. When Vicki was asked why she keeps saying Eddie is gay and remarking about her marriage she responded by telling Andy she liked him. Andy’s eyeballs nearly fell out of his head. “I don’t know if the rumor is true,” said Vicki refusing to admit any wrongdoing.
13. Kelly thinks everyone is scared of Heather because she has control issues. Kelly also believes the whole world likes her.

14. Tamra regretted pushing Kelly. Heather regretted the van ride. Meghan regretted not believing Heather about the ATV accident (although she would still not visit Vicki, which Vicki said was fine). Kelly regretted commenting on Tamra’s daughter. Shannon regretted yelling at David. Vicki regretted passing on information to Kelly.

15. They all drank Guinness and champagne to toast to a horrible season. Meghan drank mineral water.

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