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Orange County Reunion Part One – No Regret

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During part one of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion Vicki was confronted about her journey as an outsider this season, Tamra discussed her faith, Meghan talked about her pregnancy, and Kelly stood her ground.


  1. In the run up to the reunion Vicki had an new eye job and Shannon received cupping treatments. Unlike last year Vicki stayed off the Xanax. The only pills she was hopped up on were for her thyroid.
  2. Vicki explained that she was confident she would see her ex-husbands Mike and Donn alongside Brooks in heaven. “He won’t be there,” assured Heather who is Jewish.
  3. Vicki asked that everyone cease mentioning Brooks’ name. There was no point of dragging up the past. “But it is okay to mention David’s affair?” asked Shannon who made it her storyline on her second season of the show.
  4. Vicki asked Shannon to get off her show if she was unhappy with the way their relationship had changed. They all nodded their heads in agreement knowing she was now receiving Bravo tenure.
  5. Vicki, Tamra, and Shannon participated in bible wars, specifically in a category about psalms and forgiveness.
  6. Vicki noted she has not spoken with the other women, except for Vicki. “I needed my distance,” she said of the women who would all run her over in their cars if given the opportunity.
  7. Meghan hates needles, so she will try to avoid getting pain medication that relieves the pain that comes with pushing a 7-pound baby out of your vagina.
  8. Heather has her two leftover embryos etched into the glass of a wall in the home she will never formally reveal on Bravo.
  9. Jim stocked up on sperm before he got a vasectomy, which his doctor recommended.
  10. They all agreed it is therapeutic to watch your marriage crumble on television, specifically Kelly. “I don’t regret treating these women like dog meat, just my husband,” explained Kelly.
  11. There was disagreement over whether Shannon set Kelly up at her 70s party. “Why would I have a party to set you up?” asked the women hired to be on a show that celebrates setting up cat fights.
  12. Tamra and Shannon disputed Kelly’s claim that her husband a confirmed narcissistic has changed. ‘It doesn’t work that way,’ said Tamra. “They don’t change, I should know since Simon is one.” Andy later asked how her relationship with Simon was going. She explained that having his son want to live with her made him change thereby destroying her argument.
  13. Kelly noted Tamra does not have a PH.D. in psychology.
  14. Kelly made it clear she would never fight fair. What is the point when you are under attack?
  15. Heather took offense to a viewer question about whether Jimmy will be a present father unlike Terry Dubrow though part of their storyline was Terry not spending much time with the kids.
  16. Kelly was proud to be considered polarizing.
  17. Kelly stopped watching the show when Lydia was hired. She binge watched the last few seasons because in corporate America you do research.


More eye fights.

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