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Breast Reduction: Real Housewives of OC Recap

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This week on Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly got a breast reduction and Peggy discussed her surgery over dinner at The Farmhouse. 


After a long and arduous relationship with her old implants Kelly elected to have them reduced. It had become difficult to run and to wear spaghetti strap tops. Not worth this back pain, she’d say to Michael while walking up the stairs with groceries. She loved her daughter, but not what she had done to her breasts in the months after her birth. Michael, as always, was there for her in her moment of panic. After the 3/4 of a mile drive to the plastic surgeon’s office she placed her head on his clavicle. “He’s been with me since I was 28 years old,” she explained to the operating nurse. It reminded her that despite their mounting marriage problems she could always rely on him to wait in a doctor’s office lobby. “Move it along,” the nurse whispered.

When she returned home her room was filled with flower arrangements. “Keep up the good breast,” said one note of congratulations. “Here’s looking at your new nipples!” said another. As the day wore on several of her castmates brought her orchids. It was like a funeral for her old boobs. Vicki assured her that she looked beautiful. “She was full of meds, so she won’t remember she looked like a disaster.”

The most surprising visitors were Shannon and Meghan. “I am 41, so I feel old and worn,” she told Shannon who had just turned 53. “I am sorry for saying you should go back home to your baby,” she told Meghan after she handed her a bag filled with K Design candles and room sprays. “Want to see my new jugs?” she asked. Meghan politely said no as she scoured the room for a comfortable chair. “I have been throwing up from the anesthesiology,” said Kelly. “Oh, yeah, Jim gets that,” Meghan replied. Had Jim also gotten a breast reduction? They all agreed bickering destroyed Kelly’s volleyball championships.


Tamra and Meghan shopped for blouses at Olivia’s Closet. Tamra worried she had violated her friendship pact with Shannon by not standing in her defense while she was engaged in a catfight with Lydia.


An intimate dinner was organized by Shannon at The Farmhouse. Lydia was kept off the invitation list because at that point Shannon felt like communication with her was unnecessary. It was a surprise to Lydia when she called Tamra as their appetizers were being delivered. She just wanted to invite the others to Doug’s poorly named medical procedure party. “Would you like to come to Doug’s balls voyage party?” There was silence on the other end. “Oh, hi,” said Tamra, “I am here at a delicious dinner and just realized you are not here. Even Kelly and Peggy were invited!” Lydia’s eyes welled up with tears as she rested her head on Doug’s designer dress shirt. “I think I need new friends,” she cried.

Before dinner ended they all had a good laugh about Vicki insisting she was suffering from Influenza-B. Had she ever just had a cold? Why was everything so exaggerated? How many people actually get Influenza-B? Had she been selling insurance that week in a third world county? Peggy was not amused. “She’s sick, it’s not funny,” she scolded the others. “Vicki’s actually a good friend of mine,” insisted Kelly. “I am not laughing at her,” she added. (She was laughing).


Peggy tried with great effort to explain the circumstances that led up to her decision to get a mastectomy. They were all confused, but mostly Shannon who had left their lunch weeks before certain she never had a cancer diagnosis. “You had a tumor?” Shannon asked. “Yes, it was 3mm,” she replied. Once she left to use the restroom they all compared notes. Who is this woman, they wondered? Meghan, whose mother also had the procedure, threw her hands in the air. She had retired from cancer investigations.

Kelly asked Peggy why she always tries to insert herself into arguments. “We don’t need comments from the peanut gallery.” Peggy smirked. “What is a gallery for peanuts? I shop for pictures in gallery, not for peanuts.” Kelly had grown tired of her. “Didn’t you graduate from UCLA?” she asked. There was no proof that a degree was completed.


Doug’s balls go in a vice.

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