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Real Housewives of OC Recap: Lambourghini

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This week on Real Housewives of Orange County Peggy invited everyone to the unveiling of her new Lambourghini, Kelly took her mother to a senior center, and Lydia and Doug talked to their son about sexy ladies.


It was cold that winter, so Tamra wore long sleeves and boots for a mid-week lunch with Meghan. She had been worried, not just because a parrot had called her hag as she walked up the stairs to the restaurant, but because she had thought Meghan wasn’t still a cast member of the show. “I thought she moved away,” she said to Shannon on her car drive there. “What does this say about the direction of the show this season?” Shannon joined them moments later and immediately explained why her body had ballooned. “I’ll take a tequila and soda,” she told the waiter as Tamra’s eyes rolled back into her head. “After all the allegations last year I drank and ate my face off.” She continued as Meghan gripped the table. “I am 40 percent body fat,” she whispered across the table to a woman who was open about her genetic superiority. “It’s weird, the baby fat just fell off me.”

Despite their mutual hatred for Vicki Meghan tipped them off she would be attending her sip and see. “She won’t be mean to my baby,” right? Let’s hope not, Meghan.


In Hawaii Lydia and Doug tried to explain to their 8 year old son the derivation of the word sexy. “It’s kissing a lady while she is naked,” one of the kids explained from the back seat of their car that week. “We are going to give him the most God centered explanation,” she explained, but quickly punted all responsibility to her husband. Doug flattened the trim of his tank top and explained to his son that sex was something you do in private, like using a bathroom, and should only be done after you get married. Lydia noted in her interview that she and Doug were virgins when they got married, but now have regular sex. Later at dinner she asked him to use downtime from the busy life of magazine creation to get a vasectomy. “Can you get your balls chopped off?” she asked.


Peggy made steamed zucchini for her family. Her daughter announced she got into fashion school. They would reserve celebration until after they held a car party.

Kelly took her mother to a senior center so she could meet new friends and take a pottery class. Vicki moved her things into the new Coto offices. She asked her son Mike if he ws using protection with his girlfriend.


Meghan and her nanny cousin stood by the kitchen counter watching Jim lift the baby from her bassinet dressed in a communion gown. He had been out of state working the last few weeks and therefore missed out on many of their baby’s most important milestones, like staring into space and taking naps. If he kept this up, Meghan noted, Jim would come home one day and their daughter wouldn’t recognize him. “Are we being robbed?” Aspen would presumably ask her mother despite photos of Jim all over the house and spending time with him on major holidays.

Kelly and Tamra made up over lunch. They apologized for upsetting each other and then had a good laugh about bladder control.


Peggy and Diko invited their new friends to their industry event, one that was highlighted by Peggy revealing her new bright yellow Lamborghini.”This is happening RIGHT NOW?” cried Lydia. Woooowwwwww, said no one. (Tamra and Shannon had drinks in Corona del Mar instead).

Doug and Jim made small talk at the bar. “How do you like being a new dad?” Doug asked a father of five. Vicki’s new boyfriend laughed to himself and then walked to the bathroom. Meghan explained how grateful she was for having her own cousin be her nanny. “Her father was the one who helped me with my genealogy journey,” Meghan explained of their trip to Ireland last season “You guys have been to Ireland?” asked Peggy as if she had never seen the show before, “and together?” Vicki thought it best if she refrained from asking more questions.

“Speaking of reveals, you guys want to see my new baby?” asked Meghan. “So we are going to go and be cordial,” Lydia explained to Vicki as if she was her life coach. Vicki agreed, but wanted to make it clear the others had done so much to her in years past it would be hard for her to withhold her anger. Meghan advised her that it is always best to take the high road and offer an apology because in the end it frees your soul. For absolutely no reason Peggy clamped down Meghan’s lips.


Sip and See.

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  1. Jo Ann Price

    August 9, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Late. Love you. Listened to you today on Rose Pricks Podcast. Ronnie loves you and this is awesome. I am part of you’re fan base for whatever that’s worth. Dry sense of humor and intelligence combined makes you awesome.

    • mm


      August 10, 2017 at 8:42 am

      Thank you so much, Jo Ann!!!!

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