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Real Housewives of OC Recap: Iceland

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This week on Real Housewives of Orange County the women traveled to Iceland for a spirited adventure in the middle of nowhere. 


Highlights from this week’s episode in Iceland. 

  1. After a 14-hour plane ride the women arrived in Iceland and began a long shuttle ride to an outdated resort. Kelly asked the driver various questions about the population, geography, and culture while the others sat blankly looking out the window while listening to self-help podcasts. Meghan brought Aspen and her cousin/nanny who forgot to burp the baby. “Speak to us in your language,” Peggy asked the extremely attractive driver, and then berated him for not saying something they could all understand.
  2. Their first stop in the country was to a sporting goods store. Shannon searched for large clothing while Tamra and Vicki tried to figure out how to wear a poncho.
  3. Tamra was forced to stay in a suite decorated like a Japanese prison war camp. There was no toilet.
  4. The resort owner invited the women to a private tasting dinner in the back of the hotel overlooking the majestic brown grass and swamp water. He forced them to eat rancid cheese and several of the women dry heaved. Lydia, an ambassador for Nobleman Enterprises, refused to eat penguin, the local delicacy because it reminded her of a childhood spent in a palace in Canada.
  5. Tamra and Shannon sat the evening out opting instead to sleep in their hotel rooms stuck in a time warp. Lydia was not included on the text message that informed them all of their hibernation plans, which sent her into emotional spins. She arranged this free tree and this was how she was treated?
  6. Lydia, who had always suggested Shannon was unstable, threw a plastic menu across a table because she had yet again felt left out. She retreated to a water closet where she wept all of her fake eyelashes off her face. “Are you okay?” asked Peggy through the keyhole. “Are we still in America? I need Diko to come pick me up.” Once she returned to the table Lydia took a deep breath. For so long she thought Tamra was her sister in Christ, they had even gone so far as to share bible passages while they did stomach exercises at her gym. Meghan breastfed her baby.
  7. Vicki pulled Lydia aside, before they climbed a glacier, to suggest she had over reacted. “Wow, if you are saying I overreacted I know I must be losing my mind,” noted Lydia. “I want you to learn from my mistakes,” said Vicki. There was undoubtedly plenty off them.
  8. The day’s highlights included an ATV ride (gross), Kelly almost having her new breasts damaged while zipping up a snowsuit, and Tamra urinating in a crevasse.
  9. Later that night Vicki began to show signs of what looked like a heart attack as Peggy Nightingale tended to her needs. Kelly wondered if it was an anxiety attack. Paramedics were called. Meghan stood in the background as first responders arrived.


Vicki recovers and promptly gets in a fight with Tamra. Lydia regrets suggesting a trip to Iceland.

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