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The Mystic: Real Housewives of OC Recap

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This week on Real Housewives of Orange County Shannon and Peggy got into an argument at Meghan’s house during a presentation by a mystic named Michaela.


One of the perks of running a magazine geared toward being a gentleman are the relationships one makes. Lydia, for example, had nightly calls with heads of states to discuss their tourism with the hopes of her featuring it in a paragraph in their glossy. The godfather of Iceland, a man without a name and presumably without an official government title, invited her with the promise that if she were to bring her lady friends it would be worthy of a section in their table of contents. “You sure you want to bring them?” asked Doug, Co-Editor and Director of Scuba Pictorials, “because they will be representing the magazine.” That was the crux. Do you allow caged animals into a foreign country for the sake of an international travel article?


Meghan invited the women to her home for a special presentation by her friend Michaela, a self-proclaimed mystic. She specialized in the ability to see colors around one’s head. “I have heard so much about you,” said Tamra. “You can tell people about their natural color palette so they can choose the right makeup colors for each season, right? I had someone do that for me twenty years ago at the makeup counter at Sears.” Michael explained how she saw one of the colors in the rainbow around each person, which helped her understand if they were a good or garbage person. “She helps me with everything,” replied Meghan. “She helps me choose the right beads for my bangle bracelets and colors to paint on my walls.”

“Oh, I wish I was lovely Lydia,” said the group’s most religious castmate. She was uncomfortable with the evening’s entertainment as she was with most of the season’s cultural experiences. Vicki and Kelly did not participate because they disagreed with the work of psychics. “It’s not biblical,” said Vicki. She had apparently not read the part of The Bible where they discourage lying.


Peggy invited everyone to Iceland. “I know we pretty much all despite each other, but what do you say we all go on an international flight to a country without daylight.” “Yeah! That sounds fun!” said no one. They called Vicki and Kelly who were back at Kelly’s swapping EKG stories. They all secretly mulled the emotional disasters yet to come. “I am like a Marine,” said Kelly to Vicki. “I never leave a man behind.” It would differ from last year’s trip to Ireland, which Kelly mostly spent alone.


As Michalea gave a description of her services, Peggy sat in silence. “What if I read your aura?” Michaela asked Peggy. “Uh, no,” she replied. “I can see you are very intuitive,” said the mystic. “I know that I know that I know,” she curiously responded. I should also note she was wearing a parachute and a bedazzled Bluetooth that covered her ear lobes.

Shannon was fragile, explained Tamra. Talking to her was like walking across a plate of glass wearing soccer cleats. So when Peggy asked for a moment of silence so she could ask about David interrogating Diko about her cancer all hell broke loose. Shannon began to wave her hands back and forth and tap on her forehead. “I have been perplexed. My husband has done a lot of things, but he did not grill Diko,” said Shannon. David may have had an affair, showed little enthusiasm for her restaurant business, and refused to eat her buttermilk chicken, but he did not suggest Peggy’s cancer story didn’t add up. “He probably wanted to suggest a cancer doctor!” said Shannon to Tamra in Meghan’s hallway bathroom.

What was the big deal anyway? Maybe David was confused? Why couldn’t he ask for some clarification? Maybe he couldn’t hear everything because of the boat’s motor? “Do you trust everything your husband says?” asked Peggy, which set Shannon into head spins. “At this moment, like right now, I do trust David,” Shannon screamed across the table. “Why is everything so dramatic with you?” asked Lydia who was wearing a stonewashed jean skirt. “There you again schooling us on how we should behave. Will you ever stop?” She and Peggy got up to leave.


The next day Shannon visited Tamra at her home 45 minutes up the freeway. She felt embarrassment for her behavior. The truth was she was lonely. She and David were detached and it reminded her of the difficult times in their marriage. They were basically roommates. The vow renewal of the previous season was a fleeting thought. Tamra watched her friend cry and remembered how she felt the same sense of loneliness in her marriage to Simon. She knew that with time Shannon could find love again, she just needed to weather the emotional storm. She also noted she would be attending her daughter’s graduation. “Just give it up to God,” she said.

Other things that happened: 

  • Peggy worried about going on her first trip without Diko, so she tried to pack him inside her suitcase. “Who will help me with my luggages?” she asked. He gently reminded her she had been in the United States since she was a year old. “I am Armenian,” she said. “Nope, not really,” he replied.
  • Meghan not she is a horrible cook.
  • Kelly tried to explain her own heart issues, but Vicki interrupted her.


Off to Iceland.

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