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Marriage Problems – Real Housewives of New York Reunion Part Two

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During part two of the Real Housewives of New York reunion Bethenny showed video of her crying in her old apartment, Jules discussed her marriage problems, Dorinda acknowledged she meddles, and Sonja discussed how many times she slept with Tom.

Best Moments From Reunion Part Two: Marriage Problems

  1. Ramona is a caregiver. Should you need someone to sit with you and have a normal conversation about your hopes and dreams she’s horrible, but if you are bleeding profusely or need a new lung she’s Florence Nightingale.
  2. When Bethenny was given keys back to her previous apartment (during marriage) she brought with her an assistant who filmed her as she wept in each room as Culture Club’s Do You Really Want to Hurt Me playing in the background.
  3. Bethenny’s new boyfriend does not possess as of yet his own Instagram account or spin-off show, she has kept him thus far off the show. He does, however, find her incredibly funny, even in the scenes when she rips apart someone physically and emotionally.
  4. Jules joined the show despite mounting marriage problems, which Bethenny pointed out. She came on the show to get a divorce. Jules disagreed; she was at that point still under the impression they were happily wed despite the way he never came home and when he did needed a shower to vigorously remove dead skin cells and another woman’s lipstick off his under sized body.
  5. The calzone incident at Tony’s Pizzeria on the Upper East Side was not because Jules was at a low point in her eating disorder recovery; it was a lark, a fun prank made to liven up a girl’s dinner party in the middle of winter.
  6. Dorinda and Luann perceived Bethenny’s disinterest in Jules was based on projection of her own childhood and issues she still has yet to work out in therapy.
  7. Jules thought Bethenny was heartless in her assessment of her weight issues (and marriage problems) and an even greater tyrant for suggesting she was a poor example to the Jewish community. Not all Jewish people, for example, consider their spouse an ATM, or that their children should just assume they will go to private school, you should celebrate Shabbat by eating a cracker and drinking Kool-Aid, or that it is okay to rub your shrimp fingers in the communal ice bucket.
  8. Although she was hired to be on a reality show about confrontation Jules did not consider herself a confrontational person, thereby raising questions why she was hired in the first place.
  9. Dorinda made sure to note Carole is almost 53 years old, which is old enough in her summation for her to have given birth to Jules had she been a 17 year old with low morals. “Why the constant age shaming?” Bethenny asked. Should one get a trophy for still having the ability to menstruate? Is it horrible to have low estrogen?
  10. Dorinda acknowledged she has a problem meddling.
  11. Bethenny acknowledged she called Jules’ husband RTD2 from Star Wars.
  12. Luann thought is was noble of Tom to note she would be sacrificing much of herself to marry a common man. “I told him there is nothing common about you,” she noted with her European-ish accent. “Oh, you got several things in common,” Bethenny yelled from her side of the couch. (A potential marriage was likely, but would undoubtedly by miserable).
  13. Ramona provided photographic evidence that at some time a man scribbled a heart on her palm with initials shared by Luann’s fiancée.
  14. While Sonja tried to explain how often she bedded Luann’s fiancé Tom the Countess kept referring to her as delusional. Is it delusional, Andy hinted, especially when your fiancée has already lied to you? “Luann doesn’t know what a lie is,” added Bethenny.
  15. “I am not sure how Sonja could remember being with anyone,” Luann said suggesting her former landlord needed to be thrown over someone’s shoulder on countless nights before heading back home.
  16. Sonja taunted everyone (viewers included) with information concerning Tom threatening her if she did not agree to his story that they had only slept together one time.


Carole needs her ladies in waiting to help her remove her dress to use the restroom.

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