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RHONY Reunion Part One Recap: Is He a Cheater?

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Part One of the Real Housewives of New York Season 9 reunion took place in a heavily decorated synagogue. The women discussed whether Tom was a cheater, if Ramona regrets treating staff like dirt, and if Sonja has been sober. 

20 Most Important Moments From Part One Reunion:


  1. Tinsley was dressed like an ice skater performing the theme from Frozen. Bethenny was dressed for her supporting role in The Lady and The Lawsuit. Luann wore divorce white. I think I saw Sonja’s areolas. Ramona’s hair extensions were the length of a mermaid. Dorinda was a butterfly goddess and Carole wore the curtains from a funeral parlor.
  2. Ramona has sensitive skin, but gets laser peels and injections. She had her boobs done at 57 and an eyelift because they drooped so much her lids were covered in mascara. It is unknown whether she has had a mini facelift.
  3. Ramona treats people like dog shit because she goes into a zone when off the clock and because she was abused as a child. “Can you still use that excuse when you are 60?” asked Bethenny who suggested she live in a commune.
  4. Bethenny will never speak to Jill again, even if she chatted with her daughter Ally on an airplane.
  5. The world has been taken over by the “clip” by Dorinda (which means shut the front door), who also claimed she made it up on the spot. #notlikely
  6. Sonja places items in the press. The New York Post always calls her. Dorinda has three friends who specialize in investigative tactics and keep files on Sonja’s quotes.
  7. Sonja claimed she has been sober for 10 months, but by that she meant she takes sips.
  8. Sonja felt sorry for going into Dorinda’s lingerie drawer and wearing the pajamas her husband gave her before he died.
  9. Luann loved being a newlywed despite archival footage showing Tom was essentially totally disinterested in a marriage and most likely a cheater.
  10. Luann wanted a wedding.
  11. Sonja was confused about not being invited to the wedding, especially since she was sent a save the date. “Now THAT is the smoking gun,” said Bethenny. You want someone to make plane reservations, but then tell them they can’t come to the party.
  12. Tom was pissed that Luann was giving wedding details to the press.
  13. Ramona explained she received intel from The Regency that Tom met a woman at the bar from Philadelphia whom he told he had an open relationship. They went up to a room together, but nothing happened. “Tell him to get away from The Regency,” Ramona tried to reason.
  14. Bethenny admitted they have all heard information about Tom, but in the end it is their weird marriage and choices and so they have to live with it.
  15. “His humor is a little off,” Luann said of Tom’s comments about how his wedding ring is basically a dog and chain.
  16. Luann is not interested in an open relationship and if Tom was a cheater she would leave him. “You can only push me so far,” said Luann.
  17. “He is a very insecure man,” noted Ramona.
  18. Bethenny noted Luann has an inhuman response (a countess shield, as she called it) to the footage of Tom telling another woman he basically hates his wife and wants to bone her. Further, Bethenny said, she would be curled up in a ball crying if the man she was with said the same about her. Luann explained that was why she spent the previous evening in a hotel. Everyone gasped.
  19. Luann’s son has had a tough time accepting Tom, and they are not close. (Imagine how he feels now).
  20. Luann was afraid of telling Tom to pack it in his pants.


Alcohol, cheating, and confrontations.

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