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Real Housewives of New York This Week: Tea For Tat

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This week on Real Housewives of New York Luann and Carole met for tea, Scott surprised Tinsley, and Luann ran into Missy at Ramona’s shopping party.  

11 Most Important Moments From Real Housewives of New York This Week


  1. Ramona bought Avery a cappuccino maker at Sur La Table. She explained to the clerk she was a health expert before devouring samples of kale pesto. She took a call from Dorinda in the sharp knife section and spent the duration of the conversation outlining all the reasons she was beginning to resent Sonja.
  2. Bethenny’s new apartment boasted a 225 square foot master closet, a 300 square foot marble bathroom, and sweeping city views temporarily obscured by plastic tarps, saw dust, and piles of drywall. As she gave Sonja a tour of the gutted space she tried to break down the reason Sonja had grown so resentful of Tinsley. If Sonja had not suffered from talk-in-circles-disorder she would have been able to explain that a $5,000 gift card could not make up for the fact she complained about living in what she deemed as a living hell hole, and rent free to boot. She can give money to charity, but can’t throw me a couple bones for the utility or phone bill? “I get it now,” said Bethenny, “can you list your conversation to a minimum of three sentences?”
  3. In keeping with the Skinnygirl brand Bethenny launched a jean line. When one thinks of a low-cal margarita they can’t help but think of a pair of high waisted bejeweled jeggings.
  4. Since Tom’s penthouse was no longer available, Luann was on the hunt for a new pied a terre. She brought along Dorinda for the apartment tour because of her love of real estate and her need to find a separate property to accommodate all her weird holiday decorations. While sitting on a stranger’s couch Dorinda recalled the moment she wanted to punch Sonja in the Hamptons. How in the world can one compare a death to cheating on a husband and having him file for divorce? “She’s like a rattlesnake and you have to take her by the tail,” explained Dorinda. The real estate agent standing by the fireplace wondered if it would be impolite to interrupt filming to notify Dorinda you would grab a rattlesnake by the head, and not by the tail.
  5. Tinsley had hoped she and Scott would get back together. He was unlike anyone she had ever dated. For example, he actually showed up to a job. Most of the men she had married or dated lived off checks from their parent’s estate. The only work they did was walking to the mailbox. Scott also looked past her peccadilloes, like they fact she displayed her shoes in the kitchen, spent hours on her hair and nails, how she made dolphin sounds when excited, the way she shared with her mother all their personal moments, and how she thought it was reasonable to live in a hotel.
  6. Scott surprised Tinsley by flying to New York to pick her up at her apartment so they could fly together back to Chicago. She called Carole on speakerphone to notify her of the latest development. “I know, he called me and told me,” said Carole.
  7. Luann and Carole met for tea in an attempt to bury their issues. Luann was late and referred to the person dropping her off as “driver.” It reminded Carole of the absurdity of actually owning a princess title versus a courtesy title, and one that belonged to someone you divorced. Although Luann called herself the biggest forgetter in the world she could not forgive Carole for beginning a relationship with someone who once made guacamole in her Hamptons kitchen. She was upset Carole didn’t send her a text message when she divorced. “Wouldn’t that seem insincere?” asked Carole. In other words, why would you care what I thought after your personal disaster when you have referred to me as a pedophile?
  8. Bethenny thought about taking someone with her to tour the destruction in Puerto Rico. Carole and Tinsley spent too much worrying about their wardrobe and eyelashes to understand the devastation. Dorinda was the only one showed any interest in her international relief efforts. Luann was still worried about Tom. Sonja thought a hurricane was a drink you consume at Mardi Gras.
  9. Ramona held a shopping party before Christmas. “Not everything has to be about charity,” she noted. This event would allow her most surgerized girlfriends to buy overpriced perfume, scarfs, and cross-body purses at one of New York City’s most celebrated stores. She forced the staff move Christmas trees and Nutcrackers in the moments before the vent started, reminding viewers that she is a tyrant. To no one’s surprise Ramona invited Missy, a former paramour of Tom and the reason Luann hates anyone with blond hair. “Nice to see you,” said Luann while gritting her teeth. Carole pointed out to Ramona the obvious dig. Would she be okay if someone invited Mario’s mistress to a New Year’s luncheon?
  10. Sonja and Ramona fought in the middle of the party. Ramona called Sonja an absentee friend. Sonja argued in circles about cheating rumors and juice cleanses, and then made friends with two single gals by a bookshelf.
  11. Luann noted Dorinda was the worst wing woman.


Dorinda might be drunk at dinner.

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