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12 Real Housewives of New York Highlights: Brunch

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This week on Real Housewives of New York the women headed to The Hamptons for a weekend. There was a growing rift between Carole and Bethenny, Sonja was persona non grata, Ramona forced an artist to do unpaid labor, and at Luann’s brunch Dorinda almost ripped Sonja’s new face off.

12 Highlights From Real Housewives of New York This Week

Hamptons Brunch

  1. Things had recently changed for Sonja. Her trips to The Hamptons would no longer include long nights of dancing out at clubs. She didn’t want her daughter in boarding school to see photos of her on Instagram, but at the same time she had no problem having a camera crew film her trying on thong underwear. She would not drink copious amounts of liquor, she would instead subside on a diet filled with raw vegetables, coconut milk, and liquid growth hormone mixed in a Nutri Bullet.
  2. Carole and Tinsley continued to celebrate their mutual adoration society, leaving Carole’s old best friend Bethenny waiting in the wings. “She’s not so great answering phone or text messages,” explained Bethenny, “and she is much more comfortable having one close friend.” It was the only way she could make sense of their sudden lack of communication. The truth was Carole liked few people. She found Luann condescending, Sonja a liar, and Ramona exhausting. She preferred Tinsley because they could share leggings and had the same appreciation for a good curling iron, even though Tinsley was always paranoid of being robbed.
  3. Sonja took the bus to The Hamptons. She reclaimed her convertible from a garage. She would spend the weekend at Luann’s because it was convenient, there was a water view, and she was free to comb through Luann’s closet and steal her things, and it would be the location of a Lady Sunday brunch.
  4. Ramona, a self-professed maven, thought nothing of asking strangers to move furniture, organize her closets, and fix her electronics without payment. “I am just remodeling things now that I am divorced,” she told the artist whom she had carry an ottoman up to her second floor. He hoped she would buy one of his pieces, but instead he got back pain and swollen knees.
  5. Ramona equated herself to a sports car and then called her house manager a caregiver.
  6. Tinsley was furious Sonja intimated she was a kept woman. Bethenny noted she was a socialite, which is basically one rung below a trophy wife. Luann wondered how Tinsley is capable of paying her pills without a career.
  7. Bethenny threw herself a birthday dinner and momentarily worried no one would show up. Carole denied receiving congratulatory texts about her 26.2 marathon. “Look, this text says I am dying,” she told Bethenny, but the latter kept records of the lack of communication on Carole’s part. “Look at the receipts!”
  8. Luann serenaded Bethenny after a heartfelt apology for ignoring her warnings that a marriage to Tom would end up in a disaster.
  9. Luann announced she celebrated Veterans Day.
  10. Everyone agreed Sonja looked different after her vacation in Costa Rica, which just happens to be a tourist mecca for cheap facelifts.
  11. Dorinda reminded Sonja she was not the only one who has ever experienced tragedy and there was no way in hell she could compare the death of her husband to having one’s elderly husband leave you because you were having an affair in Saint Tropez.
  12. Sonja insinuated Ramona slept with her contractor Mario.
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