Real Housewives Casting Secrets

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Have you ever wondered what the casting team from Evolution Media and Bravo look for when searching for the next cast member for Real Housewives? What are the casting secrets? Are they looking for someone married and with kids? How important is it for them to have a business they can promote? Does it help or hinder someone’s chances if they know other cast members or don’t technically live in that city full time?

Dawn Stroupe, Casting Director with Evolution Media and Bravo gives insight into the casting process.


In addition Chad Liston from Brother Husbands on TLC explains his unusual family dynamic. Chad’s wife Amanda has a very full love life with not one, but two husbands. Brother Husbands is an inside look at a real life Modern Family, as Chad and Amanda have two kids and Jeremy (the other husband) has triplets with Amanda.

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