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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Letting Go

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The nice thing is that after Rocio has scrubbed Lisa’s bathroom floor, Windexed her jewelry cases, and scooped all the dog crap off the lawn sometimes her boss lets her take home a pair of slightly worn stiletto pumps. That way she can jazz up her maid’s uniform when she is standing at the bottom of the hill waiting for the bus. Another way Lisa displays her charity is by paying for her son’s living accommodations, the leases on his 5 cars, and for supplying him with a job busing tables at SUR. While she loves him she pointed out he’s been lazy his entire life. “The first words out of his mouth were I can’t”, she explained. Meanwhile her daughter Pandora and her snazzy husband Jason are working very hard to make their own way by taking jobs managing shifts at the same restaurant.


While Kyle was proud of her daughter for pursuing a college degree she had not so secretly hoped she would do so closer to home. Why can’t you study the business of things at a school within walking distance? What about the University of Phoenix? You can get an advanced degree in anything you want from the comfort of your own bedroom! Perhaps she would have felt different if she had been able to go to college herself? She thought about becoming a lawyer after appearing as an extra in an episode of Silver Spoons, but her mom convinced her otherwise. Until Alexia returns for the holidays Kyle and Mauricio would hold onto each other and remember the good times and send her envelopes filled with cash so she can spend it on beer and manicures.


Yolanda also prepared her daughter for college by paying for an interior designer and a fleet of movers to assemble her luxury apartment in New York City. She had done the same for her older daughter Gigi. She just wanted them to focus on school and becoming international fashion models, not paying their own bills or having to do figure out how to set up a dishwasher. It was all part of Yolanda’s Hard Parenting Bootcamp.


Eileen waved goodbye to her oldest stepson who was entering his final year of college. It was bittersweet because she had become so accustomed to having a house filled with dudes. It was why she had escaped to the Days of Our Lives set all those years. She wanted to be around women so she could talk freely about woman things like vaginal mucus and underwire bras.


Brandi spent her last days of summer watching episodes of ex-husband Eddie’s new reality show Kicking It With Brandi Glanville’s Former Husband And His Mistress Who He Married. She was happy he had a job, even if it was on a cheesy network and with the woman who destroyed their marriage. This way he would be bringing in some income. Right now she’s got to use the $1,000 he sends her once a month to pay for the DirecTV bill.


Lisa Rinna flopped about appearing as a supporting actress in a straight to Red Box release starring her husband Harry and making arrangements to host a Stella and Dot charity party. Though she loves a good deal she worried if her extremely rich friends would be willing to spend $50 on a necklace with a nearly broken clasp. They wear Harry Winston diamond earrings. Would they pay for some neon pink chandelier earrings that might turn their skin green?

Next week: Kim might be off the wagon. 

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