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Exam: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 7

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This week on my podcast I asked reporter Brian Moylan a series of questions about the new season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I would like for you to review the following exam questions and provide for me your insight. Think of this as an early semester quiz based on your studies in Real Housewives theory.  Please pass onto your friends, co-workers, and fellow book club members. Report back to headquarters (me) your assessments. 


What are your early-in-the season assessments? 

  1. Do you think that Dorit and PK really own their home or do you think it is a rental used for the duration of filming?
  2. Was Dorit cast because she is a friend of Lisa Vanderpump or because it seemed like she could be easily brainwashed?
  3. Do you think Dorit owns the rose gold Bentley her husband gifted her on her 40th birthday?
  4. Do Dorit and PK remind you more of Alex and Jim from Orange County or Alex and Simon from New York?
  5. How much of PK’s fortune do you think is made from Boy George concerts?
  6. Do you think animal services has ever visited Lisa Vanderpump’s house because of a possible animal code violation?
  7. Do you personally know anyone who owns swans or dwarf ponies?
  8. Does Max Todd live in the basement of Lisa’s house in a small room decorated with Def Leppard posters or in a princess suite with pink tea towels in an adjoining bathroom?
  9. Is it possible Max Todd lives above SUR?
  10. Where are Pandora and her husband?
  11. How much do you think Lisa Rinna’s body waxer makes each month making house calls?
  12. Will one of Lisa Rinna’s daughters find love with someone they have met on an online dating site?
  13. Will Eileen ever let go of the jumpsuits?
  14. Do you think Tom Girard has ever listened to a complete Erika Jayne album?
  15. Do you think Tom ever gets tangled in her hair extensions at night?
  16. What do you think Tom was really thinking when Mauricio mentioned he had just looked at private jets?
  17. Did Kyle get sister Kathy’s Christmas card this year?
  18. Are Kim and Kyle still arguing about who lost the Palm Springs house?
  19. What do you think happened to Alexis Couture’s head designer Taj? (Only because I am worried).

Thank you for your participation.

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