Quiz: Is This REALLY A Reality TV Show?

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My sister Megan barely watches television. In this week’s episode of my podcast I gave her a quiz to test her ability to decipher real reality TV shows from ones that I have made up. 

See how well you do taking the same test. (Answers below).


  1. The Bachelor: An original one hour prime-time reality television series that gives one man and 25 women the unique opportunity to find true love in a most exciting and adventurous way. The Bachelor will get to know the 25 women in a series of fun, exciting and exotic dates that will elicit real and raw emotions. Along the way he must follow a gradual process of elimination, as his initial 25 bachelorettes are narrowed down week by week by presenting them with a single, red rose. In the end, he will ultimately decide on the one woman who captures his heart. However, at any point along the way, should a woman decide that she is no longer interested in The Bachelor, she may reject his invitation to continue dating. If the women decide to stay, some lucky women will meet his family, and he will visit their hometowns for a slice of their life in an effort to determine the woman with whom he is most compatible. Real or Fake?
  2. Derby Divas: Recreation sport themed reality show about four women’s roller derby teams in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Real or Fake?
  3. Pawn Stars: This show takes place at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop just outside of Las Vegas, where Richard, Rick and Corey Harrison assess the values of all kinds of items and decide what its worth and find the story behind it. Real or Fake?
  4. COPS: Putting camera crews in police cars all across the United States. Real or Fake?
  5. Best Thing I Ever Stole: This show features ex-cons comparing items they found in house robberies before they were put in prison. Real or Fake?
  6. Little Women: LA: The series chronicles the lives of little women who are friends living in Los Angeles, California in their quests to live life to the fullest. Real or Fake?
  7. Full Joey: Behind the scenes look at the life of Dave Coulier, aka, Uncle Joey on Full House. Real or Fake?
  8. Goldman Stacks: A year spent following four interns for Goldman Sachs Investment Management Division. Real or Fake?
  9. Sunset Tan: Behind the golden doors of Sunset Tan, one of California’s most successful tanning salons. Real or Fake?
  10. Shark Tank: Business-themed reality show in which contestants pitch  business ideas to major investors, aka “sharks.” Real or Fake?
  11. Gold Rush: Features determined men responding to the current economic downturn in America to go in search of gold in the wilds of the far north. Real or Fake?
  12. DJ Wars: Disc Jockeys in Reno, Nevada compete for the title of Number One DJ in a series of competitions pitting experts in rave, salsa, club, and modern show tune sound mixing. Real or Fake?
  13. Flea Market Flip: Flea Market Flip puts two teams to the test. With a budget of only $500, they are sent into a flea market to see what amazing bargains they can find.
  14. Street Meat: Hosted by Ted Schivago, Street Meat challenges teams of college students to use leftovers from the cafeteria and turn them into gourmet items sold to drunken students on weekends. Based on the Japanese show Dragon’s Den. Real or Fake?
  15. Lucky Cat: Showcases people with show- cats and places them in cat competitions like logrolling and ice cat-ing.  Real or Fake?


1. Real 2. Fake. 3. Real. 4. Real. 5. Fake. 6. Real. 7. Fake. 8. Fake 9. Real 10. Real. 11. Real 12. Fake. 13. Real. 14. Fake. 15. Fake.

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