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Only Children v. Siblings

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Only Child v. Siblings

I am sure there are some advantages to being an only child. You never have to argue about who gets to ride shotgun and Christmas is probably a windfall. But ultimately you could never refer to someone else’s failure when trying to bargain for a later curfew. There is also probably an enormous amount of stress that comes with never being able to disappoint your parents. Perhaps worst of all you don’t have anyone else to share nursing home related responsibilities. Sometimes only children (not all) tend to think the entire world revolves around them. When you have siblings you learn early on that someone else will take your toys, the majority of your parent’s attention, and the remainder of your college and wedding fund.
I like to think the biggest advantage to having siblings is their ability to bear witness to your childhood. It is always nice to have someone else back up your claims that your parents on at least a few occasions forgot to pick you up from school and are the reason you have a hoarding problem. It also makes vacations more fun. I imagine only children are stuck on senior’s cruises playing shuffleboard and listening to their parent’s friends talk about their hip problems.
I took this all into consideration when starting a family. If my daughter is going to write a tell-all on her upbringing at some point, shouldn’t I afford her the opportunity to have someone to co-author? Doesn’t she deserve someone else to complain about my meddling, annoying habits, and obsession with their father’s laundry?
So I am seven months into “Project Expanding Family”. This time around I will be having a boy, which I am admittedly in the dark about raising. (I saw a 3 year-old boy at the park the other day with a leg cast on a swing. Is that normal?). Although Mia seems to have very little understanding of the complete upheaval to her life in the coming months I am hopeful she will embrace the change with time. Because I am going to go out on a limb here and say that I probably make a pretty lousy play date. What two-year-old wants to chat about the Libyan government, election 2012, and the upcoming season of Real Housewives of New York City?
Obviously thrilled with the news.

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