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17 Vanderpump Rules Observations: The Big Day

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This week on Vanderpump Rules the group came together to show their support for Tom and Katie’s big day, Jax surprised Schwartz by flying in his triple brothers, and Stassi shed tears after reconciliation with Lisa Vanderpump. 

The following were the 17 most notable observations from the episode.


  1. Schwartz has never met a soccer sandal or a headband he didn’t love.
  2. Katie pulled a reverse bridezilla by eating pot brownies.
  3. Brittany has been planning her Kentucky winter wonderland wedding for the last 20 years. Undoubtedly guests will be served bottled beer and whiskey and fried cheese.
  4. Coors Light probably sponsored this wedding.
  5. Schwartz’s triplet brothers may have been raised in a barn since they are incapable of making it to the airport on time, are collectively unemployed, and need Jax as a life coach.
  6. Shay hates Scheana, had zero interest in attending this wedding weekend, and may or may not be off the wagon. Scheana, however, assured everyone her marriage had never been better. He stared at walls and made pretend rap music in a closet, but she believed the spark they felt when she coerced him into getting married was back.
  7. The night before his wedding Schwartz presented an engagement ring to his mother.
  8. Stassi cries after having an orgasm.
  9. Lisa Vanderpump always had high hopes for Stassi, even though she has mentally tortured her for several seasons of this show.
  10. When Schwartz and Tom Sandoval were roommates the latter would tape pictures of porn stars on the back of his door.
  11. Instead of taking a shower before his big day Schwartz washed himself off in a stream.
  12. Lisa and Ken thought it was mortifying to stay in a hotel with leather coaches and an ironing board nailed to a wall behind the front door.
  13. Lisa Vanderpump wore a Fleetwood Mac tribute band costume to officiate the wedding.
  14. Katie was unable to fit into her gown because she had consumed too many taco platters the night before the wedding. Luckily one of her bridesmaids packed industrial sized scissors and a glue gun and saved the day.
  15. Jax congratulated Schwartz on his big wedding day and then reminded him it would be one vagina for the rest of his life.
  16. Twenty Mile House should have paid most of the bill for this wedding given the publicity this show has garnered them.
  17. Scheana walked down the aisle with a tuxedo clad Arianna who also served as a valet.


The ceremony and reception.

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