10 Things To Talk About On Facebook Besides Politics

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I get it.

You feel like the world is falling apart and your friend on Facebook keeps posting infuriating posts about politics. You’ve thought about unfriending them, but know at some point you might need them to recommend a nice restaurant in Costa Rica or a new show to binge watch on Netflix. It’s somehow worth withstanding their insane commentary on the future of the United States of America because you do enjoy looking at pictures from their luxurious vacations, updates on their kids, and their buffalo wing dip recipe. Maybe, if the world doesn’t end, you might see eye-to-eye on other matters, like what breed of dog is hypoallergenic, if it is worth vacationing in Iceland, and where you can find the best 1980s aerobic competition videos.

Here’s my idea. Before you erase your friend with arguably horrible political views from your friend list, try engaging them in conversations about other topics.


1. Should I Track Down My First Boyfriend/Girlfriend?
Give them another project to do exhaustive Internet research.

2. What is The Greatest Sports Moment in History?
Dudes will be all over this. Women like to cry. Maybe it will inspire someone to join a bowling team?

3. Reasons I No Longer Talk To My Family
Almost everyone comes from a weird family, with the exception of the contestants on The Bachelor.

4. Things You Were Surprised To Find Out You Can’t Do Pregnant
Turns out you can’t ride a horse or sit in a jacuzzi.

5. Best Songs For a Roller Skating Party
Should the playlist include Debbie Gibson or steer more towards Beyoncé?

6. Should Adults Wait In Line To Get Autographs From Mickie Mouse at Disney?
It’s a valid question.

7. Things I Wish I Knew Before I Spent Thousands Of Dollars On My Wedding
Give valuable insight to someone about to throw his or her own cash down a drain.

8. Worst Memories From My Trip to Las Vegas
Remind them that times have been worse.

9. First Celebrity Boner
Hopefully no one brings up Charles in Charge.

10. What I Would Eat Before I Was Electrocuted.
You can learn a lot about someone based on the food they would eat while on the Death Penalty.

So there you have it, you don’t always have to talk about politics.

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