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Have you seen the new commercial for It is a new dating website where “you can find singles that share your values and love for God in Christ.” Here is my question. Do the members think their values are all that different from someone using Jdate? Don’t you think it is entirely possible to meet complete nutbags on any dating site? I can speak from expertise after all. I did meet my husband on eight years ago. I had my share of awkward dates. I met a nice guy from Maryland who was cross-eyed and a complete slob. I met what seemed to be a gentleman from the Midwest who it later turned out was brought up in a cult. They all seemed normal in the beginning, but eventually you have to meet in person and carry on a normal conversation.
What I believe is missing is a dating site that provides all the important information one needs when considering a relationship with a stranger. Here’s my idea:
My site would require at least two interviews with previous girlfriends/boyfriends. I think this would be the most effective way to eliminate the nonsense so many people write in their profiles. “I like to spend my free time going to museums, reading non-fiction, and cooking Italian food.” Translation: I have been unemployed for the last six months. “I am looking for someone to share their hopes and dreams for their future.” Translation: My parents want me to move out of their basement. “I hope in five years to be married with a family of my own.” Translation: My mom told me that is what chicks want to hear.
Here is a sample profile on my dating site:
User: PanamaJack
Location: Los Angeles
Profession: Financial Services
Age: 36
Seeking: A Lady
I am tired of looking for the “right” girl in bars. I need someone who is sweet and independent. I need someone who can go camping by day and then wear a dress for a fancy dinner at night. My perfect woman wants to have children and loves spending time with family.
Interview with Previous Girlfriend Nancy:
1. What was the last gift he bought you? Does an STD count? Then I would have to say the slouchy denim boots he must have purchased at Stein Mart. Evidently he thought it was 1985 and we lived in Oklahoma.
2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how annoying is his mother? Easy 7. She still likes to do his laundry.
3. How long before he said “I Love You?” 2 weeks and it came after I offered to pay his cable bill.
4. What is his best quality? He appreciates a good moisturizer?
Interview with Previous Girlfriend Barbara:
1. What was the last gift he bought you? A set of free weights and resistance bands. I am assuming that was code for “you’re getting fat.”
2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how annoying is his mother? 8. I suspect she’s a hoarder. Who keeps placements from Chucky Cheese?
3. How long before he said “I Love You?” 3 months. I’m not sure if he really meant it, since he broke up with me 2 days later.
4. What is his best quality? He never stabbed me?
Don’t you think I am on to something?

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