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My Daughter Thinks I Look Like a Hag

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One of the things you spend a lot of time doing when you have a six month
old is staring at a mirror. Babies love to look at themselves. I get such
amusement watching her stare at her own reflection. As she studies her own
face, fingers, and arms I notice how much she seems to look nothing like me.
She is seriously her father’s clone. I did all the work carrying her for
nine months and what do I get in return? Then I start to notice all the
lines in my face. Man, you have really let yourself go, I think. Did the
baby suck out all that you had going for you? The worst part is that
immediately after I get my hair colored and blown out she seems to smile at
me more. She likes to see me in makeup. I think she is trying to tell me
that I need to get my act together. Stop being a hag, mom. I have a rep to protect.

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