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What You Missed On This Week’s Real Housewives of Orange County

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These are the most important things that happened on last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County.
Love Tanks
  • Shannon and David continued their national tour of “Let’s Expose Our Marriage Problems.”
  • Shannon and Vicki danced on a bar as a crowd of AARP members cheered them on at Andeles, the Ponderosa of Puerto Vallarta.
  • Vicki relished her new role as marriage mentor. “I feel like if there is anything I can teach from my two horrible divorces and dysnfuctional relationship with a freeloader it is how to make a relationship work.”
Doggy Style
  • Heather explained how important it is to set a good example for your children by taking them to a bar for dinner.
  • After shuttling the kids off with Miriam, their miserable nanny, Heather discussed plans to adopt a family dog. She had two requirements. The dog had to be hypoallergenic and have a strong genealogy. “The kids and I are allergic to dander and we need a dog with royal ancestors to live in our chateau.” But rest assured she would make a donation to a dog shelter so the dogs that would eventually be euthanized can have a chew toy.
Sun Me
  • Lizzie explained she built her bikini empire by working hard and a $100,000 check from her dad.
  • Lizzie visited a local bikini shop to premiere her new bikini line made from italian fabric and strings, perfect for the 12 year old girl on the go and a Russian mail order bride.
The Judges
  • Eddie and Tamra failed the plastic Astro baby test, a sex education product devised to keep teenage girls and menopausal women from procreating.
  • Tamra, Eddie, and her son Ryan discussed plans to celebrate their fitness studio’s one year anniversary. Instead of a party they’d like to raise membership fees and fix the floor because Eddie wasted $30,000 installing hardwood floor planks over sponges.
Fancy Pants
  • Heather revealed to Lizzie over lunch her disappointment that Terry proposed to her with a massive diamond engagement ring during lunch service on the plane to Paris.
  • Lady Dubrow announced the arrival of her new teacup golden mini doodles she named after Champagne and an Academy Award.
Make New Friends
  • Vicki counseled Tamra who was still consumed with frustration that Heather had revealed the very deep secret Shannon had told her in confidence on a national television show about her marital living arrangements.
Next week: The House of Dubrow’s plans to take down Shannon and her husband are revealed during a Hawaiian fire dance.

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