Mia and Mariachi Bands, Kell on Earth, and a Blind Gossip Item

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My daughter is not into Mariachi bands:
This will probably be my next obsession. “Kell on Earth” debuts on Monday, February 1st on Bravo:
My New Favorite Funny or Die video:
Is it me or does John Boehner use Mystic Tan?
Blind Gossip Item from January 20th:
The folks who create the seating chart for the Golden Globes received a request from the team of this previous Golden Globes Award nominee/winner that she be seated as far away from another celebrity as possible at Sunday’s ceremony. Although their breakup wasn’t recent, it had been ugly, and they still typically avoid each other whenever possible. You see, although their original relationship was a setup, she thought that their relationship had gone from fake to real over time and that she was The One. She wasn’t, and she was genuinely hurt when he moved on to another fake relationship. It’s always a little funny and sad to see the fake smile she puts on whenever his name is mentioned. Then again, her entire face was oddly tight at the awards show. Snip, snip!

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