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I was new to Los Angeles and had no friends. It got to the point that I looked forward to the workweek. I was this close to begging for friends. (My friend Judi can attest to how I stalked her). I thought if I joined I would at the very least have the chance to explore the city. I had zero expectations. 
My first date was with a guy who had claimed he did voice over work. When we met for dinner he explained that he was actually a bartender at Black Angus. He also mentioned that in high school he was 120 pounds heavier.
My third date was with a guy who brought me freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies. How was I supposed to know whether or not they were laced with LSD?
I believe it was my seventh date that lied about the fact he had a wandering eye. It was hard to figure out where to look, so I just stared at his mouth. He must have thought I was partially deaf and needed to lip-read.
My favorite was the guy I met for dinner in Westwood. I was intrigued when he told me about his bizarre family. He had a nomadic childhood. He had many siblings; most of them were only half sisters or brothers. He grew up in a religious household. He did not keep in touch with his family anymore. Then it dawned on me. He must have grown up in a cult! He was surprised at the end of the night when he asked to see me again and I said no. I stayed longer than I should not because I liked him, but because I had just seen a segment on his sect on 20/20.
By the time I went on my eighth or ninth date I met a great group of girlfriends. I started to ask my match dates to meet me for a drink at the same spot I had intended to meet my friends. This way I had an easy way out if I did not feel any chemistry. The problem was my friends started to catch on. Who is this random guy tagging along? 
When I met Dan he could not understand why I knew so many people at Sonny McLean’s in Santa Monica. My friends thought I was chatting with some random guy at the bar. Is this another date? Fortunately for me we hit it off right away and it was the last of my online dating.
Six and a half years later we are hitched and have a little girl.

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