Marriage Advice From John Travolta

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I can’t exactly say I had great marriage role models. After all my parents did split even before I was born. My father, who only recently emerged from underneath a rock, never remarried. My mom, who did remarry, would speak openly about how much she was looking forward to the day my stepfather would succumb to his numerous ailments. That way, she would explain, she could finally have a pig roast and invite all the neighbors.

So, yeah, it’s pretty amazing I married someone that I actually love and respect. (Our 5-year wedding anniversary is on the 11th).

Who do you go to for marriage advice? Some go to their priests, others to a therapist, and some go to People Magazine. Because who doesn’t want suggestions on how to keep it all together from a couple who probably have some sort of open relationship or are waiting until a major holiday to put a press release out about their divorce?

You know whom I won’t be taking marriage advice? John Travolta

Listen, the guy is already a Scientologist. They think childbirth should be silent; you should routinely strap yourself up to a makeshift lie detector, and believe aliens inhabit the world. So right off the bat there are some concerns. But I also take issue with most of their suggestions on marriage. For example, in their wedding vows the groom is asked to provide for his bride “a pan, a comb, perhaps a cat”. If I am going to be push out your kids, put up with your extended family, and figure out a place to put all your crap you need to do a little more than give me a frying pan. But John is also an actor, which brings another series of concerns. Can you ever trust that they are really present in the relationship? Or is every fight an opportunity to run through some scenes for an upcoming part? When they seem to checkout is it because they are just method acting? Also, if you already have some trust issues do you have to worry about on-set romances? To say nothing if they get a part opposite Angelina Jolie.

TMZ reported yesterday that an unnamed masseur is reportedly seeking $2 million plus punitive damages after Travolta is said to have tried to get busy during an appointment. Today a second masseur has come forward.

But he is happily married, right?

Some of John’s previous quotes on marriage:

Communication is number one, but our church does a lot to help us keep together. When we have issues, we go settle it up. Almost every six months we go and do a retrofit of what we are thinking, what we need and want and we match it up with what the other needs and wants… If you don’t do that you kind of get stale a little bit. Certainly our children have kept us tied together. Church does a lot to help us keep together.” 

Do you think these two are really on the same page? Because my guess is she’s not exactly thrilled that she has to accompany him to every pedicure appointment.

Here’s another good one.

 “The secret to a good and successful marriage is to not look for secret formulas. It really just comes down to being yourself, being honest and remembering that you have to give as much as you take.”

He was asked about his wife, right?

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