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Mariah’s World Recap: Tour Bus Hell

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On the second episode of Mariah’s World a disagreement erupted between her choreographer and back up singer about the tour bus and Mariah struggled to spend time with her kids.  



  1. Mariah entertains her dancer Tanaka in her dressing room allowing him to see her in a beaded gown with open leg panels. They drink beer through a straw. He feigns over her and she looks at him with the disinterest of a librarian at a heavy metal concert.
  2. Mariah’s fans are fine with it when she is hours late to a concert.
  3. Unlike others in the music industry, Mariah is not expected or required to gyrate on stage. She simply stands and only walks with the guidance of at least two muscular bodyguards or back up dancers.
  4. Mariah not only travels with her children, but also the son of her back up singer Mary Ann, and manager Stella’s daughters. They are a traveling family, except Mary Ann and her son are forced to sleep on a tour bus with 6 male backup dancers. Mariah and Stella sleep at a fancy hotel.
  5. Anthony the choreographer did not take having a 5 year old sleeping beside him well. Is Mary Ann not aware of what transpires on a tour bus? Is she comfortable having her son hear grunts and moans and walk through puddles of alcohol?
  6. Molly the assistant worked hard to prove to Stella and Mariah’s makeup artist that she wasn’t stupid by figuring out the Apple TV system and successfully identifying a super fan using his Facebook profile. “Don’t be weird,” Kristopher whispered to her, which was ironic considering he had the face of a drag Barbie. He explained his concern was that while Molly seemed nice she could be crazy. “If I get weird,” Molly replied, “just use code words, like a chipmunk has pneumonia.”
  7. Kristopher hates the housemaid Maria.
  8. Mariah and her fiancé James have zero sexual chemistry. He flew in to see her first show of the tour. They attempted a hug and then spent time sitting on a couch looking away from each other while cameras filmed them.
  9. Mariah’s work schedule is similar to a bat.
  10. Mariah thinks the Irish wear blue on St. Patrick’s Day.
  11. Mariah does all interviews while lying sideways.

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  1. pam odom

    January 5, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    Oh Gawwwwwwwwwd, cant stand Miriah

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