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Luann Interview Special Recap: The Final Straw

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Tonight in a one-on-one interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live Luann de Lesseps opened up for the first time about her impending divorce from husband Tom D’agostino and the “final straw” that led to their breakup.

They both filed for divorce, she explained. There was still love there, she insisted. “We only had problem in the last couple months,” she said. The actual marriage, worth noting, lasted seven months. “We were suffering,” she added, “it was the best thing to do.” 


The following are the most important highlights:

  1. Andy gave a tour of Luann’s front yard while carrying a bottle of rose. It was his goal to find out what happens when two people get hitched after a few weeks, live in a penthouse, and have their lives taped by Bravo cameras. Find out what happens, when people stop being polite, and start getting real… on the Real Housewives of New York.
  2. In celebration of the US Open Luann wore a tennis ensemble.
  3. Before pouring out her heart Luann and Andy poured themselves a cold glass of wine. She was still in touch with Tom, despite what was reported in the press. They had yet to work out the details of who would keep his cookie jar or her collection of music singles.
  4. At the reunion their relationship was hanging on by a thread, but she wanted to represent their union well on TV. “It was the first time I saw cracks,” said Andy, despite watching hours of footage throughout the season depicting a woman about to strange the man she loved blindly.
  5. She did not slap him at a restaurant as reported by Page Six; she had merely caressed his face with mild force. He said hurtful things, and it wasn’t until Bethenny highlighted that if the same things were said to her she would have been rolled up on the floor in a ball. That was the final straw.
  6. As they sat on lawn chairs in her backyard she admitted she had not seen the 876 red flags everyone else could clearly see.
  7. She did not regret wearing her wedding reception gown to the reunion, even though they had not spent a week together preceding the event. She had found out 7 days prior that he had invited his old girlfriend out for drinks and never bothered to tell his new wife.
  8. It was Luann’s assertion that Tom was never ready to give up his 50-year-old Bachelor lifestyle. “People don’t really change,” she wisely noted, but a year too late.
  9. Luann still does not believe he ever cheated, even though he hit on various women during the duration of filming. “He’s just a flirtatious guy,” she explained, which explains why he choked up when seeing the old girlfriend he reportedly actually wanted to marry.
  10. He was just as invested in that wedding, she declared. This was something he very much wanted and not something he felt obligated to do because of a contractual agreement with the photo department at People Magazine.
  11. Bethenny reached out to her and in hindsight she wishes she would have taken her very solid advice. She has not heard from Carole. There was no mention of Tinsley.
  12. Jacques is just an old friend.
  13. She has no desire to hear about this current love life.
  14. At one point she took out his stitches.
  15. She’s kept the ring.
  16. She will not go back to the Regency.
  17. She kept her maiden name because she never actually legally changed it. She’s selling linens under The Countess brand.
  18. Queen Latifah is not actually a queen.
  19. Since she’s a resilient woman she will use that energy towards a new disco hit on iTunes.
  20. They are both partly to blame for the destruction of their vows.
  21. She’s open to being set up and looks forward to it being a story line the next season.

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  1. Ellie kacik

    September 7, 2017 at 2:07 am

    I thought this recap was hilarious but right on. The interview was somewhat revealing &!what it revealed to me is that Luann still has her blinders on & hasn’t really learned anything. E.g. “100% didn’t cheat” pleeeeeeaaase! Also the statement that Barfenney made was those most prophetic & influential in deciding to end her 7 month union., I call BS as it was an attempt to kiss up to Barfenney once again.

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