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Love After Lockup: What to Watch

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Love After Lockup

10:pm ET on WeTV

Show Premise:

Love After Lockup is an all-new docuseries, which follows six couples transitioning from romance behind bars to marriage in the outside world. After years of jailhouse recorded phone calls, handwritten letters, and conjugal visits these couples experience on camera their first meeting, first date, meeting the family, and some of their most intimate moments.  As the ex-cons reenter society they must navigate strict parole regulations, difficulties landing a job, and overwhelming concerns from their partner’s friends and families.

Fun Fact: The creators of 90 Day Fiancé produce the show. (Matt Sharp has been a guest on my podcast).

Meet The Couples:

Johnna and Garrett, Tampa, Florida

It was love at first mugshot when Johnna came across Garrett’s booking photo after a lonesome night in front of the television with a bottle of chardonnay. Though he has spent the last six years incarcerated for multiple counts of burglary and grand theft auto, Johnna is confident he is the best that the world has to offer. In the last year she has purchased a home for them to live, prepared all of his jail release paperwork, and assured her sweet father that he no reason for concern. Garrett has not necessarily thought through a potential vocation, but he is certain that after six years they will have plenty of sexual intercourse. Johnna has prepared for the uptick in physical exercise by buying out Tampa’s local lingerie shop.

Andrea and Lamar, Lehi, Utah

Andrea is a Mormon and a single mother with three kids. Lamar was on the brink of a formidable career as a rapper before his 18 year prison sentence. It was news to the women at Andrea’s bridal shower in Utah that her fiancé was not in fact “from Canada” but a man who had spent almost two decades in a prison cell. Also notable, Andrea is careful to buy certain color clothing (specifically lingerie) because Lamar is still in a gang.

Alla and James, Chicago 

James was still reeling from his divorce when he came across Alla’s profile on “Prison Darlings” – an inmate dating site. “Prior to my legal issues, I worked in the fashion industry in New York City,” said her ad. “I find it difficult to identify and be friends with other women in prison.” The Ukraine-born 27-year old served a five-year sentence for heroine possession and distribution. “What if Alla is still a drug addict?” asked James’ friend Chris. He didn’t seem concerned.

Scott and Lizzie, Oxnard, California

Lizzie has served eight years for a DUI charge. Surprisingly in the time she has been incarcerated she has somehow been able to do prison cell interviews and modeling shoots. Her fiancé Scott is so taken with Lizzie and her beauty he has been quietly sending her money, much to the dismay of his friends and family. Over the course of their relationship, one which began with letters, Scott has sent Lizzie $20,000. It is unclear how Lizzie spent that money, possibly on snacks from the vending machine or for paying off members of a lady gang. She openly admits she has conned several other men.

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