Jolie/Pitt and Biel/Timerlake Are Acts, Toyota Crisis PR Nightmare

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Remember I said Angelina and Brad would wait until after the award season to announce a split to maximize media coverage? Ian wrote the 
Ian also discusses the Jessica Biel/Justin Timberlake relationship:
Who is doing crisis PR for Toyota? The video of Jim Lentz, president and CEO of Toyota, USA, apologizing and explaining the car company’s plans to repair several million automobile with two potential issues — sticking accelerator pedals and shifting floor mats was horrendous. It looked like someone from my high school AV club taped the interview (or the same outfit that does the Tax Masters ads in Los Angeles). Why would you use a gray background with orange lighting in the background? Who picked out his suit? Why didn’t he list what they would do to fix the problems? Why are they redirecting consumers to instead of utilizing social media sites like facebook and twitter? Why are they keeping local dealerships in the dark?  
Mia has a runny nose. Can any of the mothers recommend ways to relieve her misery? 

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