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Jill Duggar Reminds Me What I Left Off My Wedding Registry

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This weekend Jill Duggar from the House of Duggar will marry her fiancée Derick, a sweet young man with whom she has only held hands. I was surprised to find out the couple has listed on their wedding registry items such as a shotgun, a rifle, ammunition, WD-40, various colors of duct tape, and five kinds of cereal.

I got married seven years ago and only asked for fancy plates and some white towels. Had I know that bullets and some Captain Crunch were an option I would have rethought my registry. Things I would have included:

  • A case of Advil. Helpful for inflammation caused by tennis elbow and loud children.
  • Bottles of red wine, specifically a bold Malbec.
  • A treadmill, because you should always throw in a big ticket item for rich relatives.
  • A couple boxes of tampons. Saves me a trip to the CVS at the crack of dawn.
  • Lulemon yoga pants, because I plan on dressing up for my new husband.
  • A juicer. It can sit in the cabinet next to the waffle maker and the rice cooker.
  • A cell phone charger, so I don’t have to talk to anyone at the Apple store.
  • Crystal Light lemonade, because I believe in me.
  • A rake, to get clean up leaves and my hair.
  • A flare, in case my car breaks down on a highway or I run out of ideas to entertain the kids.

Feel free to still send these items if you were unable to make the wedding.

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  1. Mannysgrammy

    July 6, 2014 at 3:57 am

    I live in Green Bay (GO PACKERS!) & he could easily be our Quarter back~Aaron Rodgers twin!! I wonder how many times hes been told that by now! Well, they say everyone has a twin in life, his in just down the street from me!

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